Sham* Squared

May the souls of the martyrs rage till justice is done!

Tomorrow, Feb. 14, Lebanese activists will take ‘Martyrs Square’ again (‘Liberty Square’ or ‘Hariri Square’ as it is now called).
They will try to relive those beautiful moments of ‘Beirut Spring’ of 14/3/05– (bil izin, Mustapha).

Even Hezbollah and Amal are going to take part.

They will try to regain the feeling of euphoria felt then, before our ‘all wise’ politicians touched and corrupted the occasion with their petty quarrels.
Those unifying moments that bore sour fruits of feuds and divisions for silly elections and power games.

But we can not expect more from these ‘great’ politicians, descendents and heirs of feudal lords who controlled and enslaved our forefathers for generations.

Yet we allow them to take over every liberating moment!

It is very difficult to experience those feelings again!

A lot has happened since 14 Feb. 2005. Events that would have taken this already divided country to civil strife. Miraculously the country has kept its peace.

Some say this is because there is no political decision to take up arms. Others say that it is the spirit of unity that binds both squares (8/3/05 & 14/3/05) under one flag.

What ever the reason, the country has kept it peace so far, and let the souls of the martyrs rage until justice is done.

*sham = deception, fraud, con, pretense.


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