It’s Spring & Loooove is in the Air

From left: Aridi, Berri, Ja’ja’, Aoun and Oudwan (with all due respect)
Aridi, Kassarji & Nassrullah

Ja’ja’ & Khalil

At this rate, by next spring they will be with Bashar, God willing.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    thanks bachir for subject & really love is in the air but i don’t think that they might meet bashar & specially 14 march presidents

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    really cute pics we shud show ’em those pics later on wen the quarrels get all over agn anyway hope it won’t i noticed the quote on the home page”To speak a true word is to transform the world.” i liked it a lot gr8 thoughts:)

  3. i think sooner or later they will meet with Bashar, and why shouldnt they, people always meet their old pals in a way or another, mish hek …

  4. Dr Victorino de la Vega · · Reply

    Bashar Al-Assad is now the only truly secular/modernist ruler left on the map between Istanbul and Delhi: toppling the Baathist regime of Damascus at this precise juncture would surely wreak havoc across the whole Middle-East…precisely what Paul David Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld have had in mind when they decided to invade Iraq 3 years ago… A FIVE POINTS PLAN FOR LEBANON1. Jail and try Hariri, Saniura and the bloodthirsty Wahhabi collaborators of Saydah and Dinnieh who rampaged their way through Achrafiyyeh last month, burning consulates and churches Saudi-style 2. Nullify the ill-acquired SOLIDERE shares held by « generous Saudi investors », and give back their full property right to the lawful Lebanese landowners who were illegally expropriated by Rafic Hariri and Ghazi Kanaan in 1994 3. (Re)send to jail notorious war criminals who have massacred tens of thousands of innocent Lebanese civilians from 1975 to 1990: top of the wanted list is a certain Walid J. « Beyck » who, after having supervising the ethnic cleansing of the Chouf area, was rewarded with the “ministry of refugees” by Hariri père so he could better siphon out all the money earmarked for the orphans of Damour and Souk el Gharb- it’s kind of as if Adolf Hitler had been nominated « minister of death camps survivors » back 1945 ! but I’m digressing… 4. Adopt a new Gerrymander-free electoral law based on the sound principle of the “mid-size district” that would allow for a free and fair parliamentary representation of the people of Lebanon i.e. the precise opposite of the illegal 2000 electoral law imposed at gunpoint by King Fahd Ibn Saud and General Hafiz el-Wahech 5. Proceed with the election of a new president only AFTER transparent parliamentary elections are held across the country, under the supervision of European Union and UN observers

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    with all due respect dr. vic… but u sound like u have no idea abt wuts goin on in lebanon n abt how things work around here

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