Seven “Shibrs” and a half of Petition

Today, for the fourth time this week, I met someone who told me:

“Layk maddayt 3anak 3ala tutyeer lahoud, Akeed ma 3indak mane3.”

Instant translation:
“Hey, I signed your name on the petition to kick Lahoud’s ass. Sure you don’t mind.”

Some people are just a shibr and half. But not me, no! I am four times a shibr and half (6 shibrs or 6 shbars, so far).

To add pain to injury, my mother-in-law signed the name of my 5-yr old son! The hyper-active activist told her she could. My half shibr son is now shibr and half.

With a little more effort, Lahoud himself may sign too! 47 times, at least!



  1. Welcome to the “New Democracy” before you know they will use your right to elect…..ya ma7la Democrateyet el ajheze 3al 2aleli kano ye2ulolak ru7 entekheb flan halak sar be 2elulak entakhabet eflan….. allah youstor men el 2a3zam…..

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    we must kick Lahoud’s ass !!!bcuz talma b3do there in b3bda lebanon won’t be free !!!and i think bashir that everyone 3endo ha2 iza bado yemde el petition aw la2 w ma hada fe yfrod r2yo 3al tene….so in my opinion every real lebanese must sign this petition…..

  3. Lazarus · · Reply

    hehe bashir. that is pretty funny. i wonder if they made up names as well!

  4. habibi enta ya “anonymous” i hope when they remove president lahoud you well be sooooo freeeee that you will be able to write your name and not use anonymous…..the only ass that is been kicked from the beggining of lebanon history is the people ass and no one else….

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    its really childish then if it goes like that in our cute barbie world LEBANON, then i’m guna work on a project 2 kick off all those politicians with NO exceptionsi guess all who hav a pure lebanese mind will sign my petition??

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