Cute little Israel is being bullied by the big bad guy in the neighbourhood. Cute, little, helpless, innocent Israel must be protected! Strong macho cowboy must protect cute, little…..



  1. Freedom · · Reply

    Umm, yah, the same Israel that bombed it’s faithful “ally”‘s ship in international waters, the same Israel that has spies planted in the U.S administration, and so on. Poor little Israel. 🙂

  2. notorious · · Reply

    freedom… y not the same israel that murdered in cold blood about 300 unarmed families in sabra n shatila (most of them were children and elderly women) y not the same israel that bombed the UN headcoarters in kana after they new lebanese families were hiding there from the shells that israel used, the bombed the ambulances wich were resqueing them, y not the same israel wich sniped an unarmed kid who is barly 10 yrs old on national television, y not the same israel that occupied south lebanon for decades, killed inocent peaple, left us with 2100 moarters, and 2100 families with no father and no way 2 makes ends meet, the same israel that burnt watever the southern peaple planted so they could starv to death , y not the same israel that bombed my uncles house and left him in 8 pieces… and the list goes on. fuck its faithfull ally and its ship and fuck the US administration and the peaple spying on it

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    u r so right notorious..!!

  4. Is it really that hard to see who the bad guy is?

  5. notorious · · Reply

    thnx anonymous, it seems that lady liberty and mr. justice need some glasses to c the right way

  6. Freedom · · Reply

    Notorious, my friend.. You are bashing the wrong person. 😉 I agree with everything you said……. I guess my sarcasm wasn’t as clear as I thought it was…

  7. Eagle · · Reply

    It is good to be an American Ally. (Iraq will be an American Ally too.)

  8. notorious · · Reply

    freedon .. it was clear, and i knaw ur on the right side, but for a while there i thought ur on the right side for wrong reasons, then bachir told me all abt u, so … ma bad

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