Only Sissies Love Tree-huggers?!

I like this man, President Lula of Brazil.

I don’t know much about him. But every time I hear him, he is profound.

The fact that he won in-spite of the long arm of the Macho Cowboy sheriff is in itself certificate of credibility.

At the time when campaigns and efforts for environmental conservation is growing around the world to curb the unsustainable consumption of non-renewable resources, especially by the “industrialized nations”, green thumb Macho Cowboy have decided, with his allies of course, to cut down on financial resources needed to support these efforts! Only sissies love tree-huggers?!

The rich countries want more and the poorest nations should provide. Let me repeat this: natural resources are non-renewable they need to be conserved. Laying the load of conservation on the “poor” countries instead of those countries who are actually consuming these resources is just another form of agression. As if poverty, famine and wars are not enough to make the lives of the poor countries “exciting”!

And it takes a President like Lula to tell them what needs to be said.


One comment

  1. Jamal · · Reply

    They already tried hard to smear him with a corruption tag, but he survived. I see a lot of parallels between Latin America of the early eighties and current middle east, in terms of US policy and intervention. 20 years later, all of latin america is telling the US installed puppets to fuck off.

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