Models and Body Language

Bush puts his arm on Saniora’s shoulders, Saniora instinctively covers his ass?

“Lebanon can serve as a great example for what is possible in the broader Middle East…” –Bush

After Afghanistan and Iraq, Lebanon is to be the next “model for democracy” in the Middle East.

This man is out of this world! Even Fukuyama – a life-long neo-conservative says: “A model democracy is not emerging in Iraq“. I wonder what will emerge from Lebanon?

Photo: Assafir 2006/04/19



  1. forgot my name · · Reply

    Well we all should take care of our ass cause it may be the USA administration political style of solving issues….

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    u catch up the gr8st stuff out of the whole issue:)

  3. notorious · · Reply

    bachiiiiiiiiiiiir, man i miss u, neva thought i’d miss a teacher, bad for the rep but i miss pissin u of inda mornin, hope ur havin fun, take care, say hi for hadi for me

  4. Sophia · · Reply

    Bashir,I like your caption.

  5. Bashir · · Reply

    sophia, anon: thanks 🙂notorious, Hi…

  6. notorious · · Reply

    eh ta22il 7alak 3layna bachir, inno hi, inno eich ya baba,el osa killa abo el muss, walla i miss u man, hope ur havin fun

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