Bore Them to Death for Better Life

Prof. Sleeping Pill now has a perfect excuse to continue his boring lectures that are guaranteed to put you through a painless coma. Prof will just explain, monotonously, that you are being prepared to face life’s complexities. Prof’s excuse has been backed by the annual conference of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in Gateshead during which statements like:

Children had to accept that boredom was a fact of life. It’s a necessary part of development to realize that life’s not going to be a Disney ride 100 per cent of the time. We’re not going to be all-singing, all-dancing all of the time and you’ll find that’s real life.

were repeated by your typical English and Math teachers.

By the way, your father’s endless sermons and mother’s constant haranguing were also part of this great training. And you hated them for that? Shame on you! Now you will have another extra bite on your already guilty conscience.


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  1. a h m a d · · Reply

    This reminds me of my school and university days. :))

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