What’s on Men’s Mind/Brain: Lebanese Men, That is!

This diagram shows exactly and all that is on and in the mind of Lebanese men, according to my friend Sana’, supported strongly by my wife, of course. I have to publish this (although I disagree, ouch!) because there is a fatal weapon pointing to the NISSWEN part of my brain. Clicking the diagram makes it larger, seriously.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Traitor!Since our relationships are love/hate ask your captors what it is they love about us or are we just unwitting sperm donors.We can get even by drawing a map of their “superior” mind. However,I must admit that after all these years I have yet to understand them.Issam

  2. Anarchistian · · Reply

    I’ve also seen the brain of women version. 😛

  3. bashir · · Reply

    anarchistian, pleeaaassssse send it. Helllp. 🙂

  4. I love Munich · · Reply

    OH COME ON!!! If you do that to yourself I need to transfer this blueprint to a German man’s brain .. I’d change a few things though: I’d shrink the space of morality even more, shrink siesta a bit – and definitely enlarge soccer! Card playing … well I guess I’d shrink that a bit too – it is not THAT popular here … but therefore enlarge the pretence! I guess that should ABOUT fit …BOY … I would NOT call that a compliment … huh!

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    hahahahhahahaah….. Mr bashir u really had it right this time:D and i liked it ..w 5susan that u published it after all by URSELF ..ur so0o strong u kno?:):)i liked the spaces of morality ,cleanliness, and wsidom and most the women space;).. and try gettin the female’s mind and dun do it by urself:)

  6. Anarchistian · · Reply

    Ohh, sorry I totally forgot about this!Here you go, Bashir!http://chat.beirut.com/users/tomandjerry/brainwomen.jpgEnjoy. 😀

  7. bashir · · Reply

    Thanks Anarch.Issam, thanks to anarchistian, we now have a <>“a map of their “superior” mind”<>.(will be published as soon as it is translated.)

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