Moves [not Chess Moves-]

I live somewhere between Hadet and the Dahiya. In an area called St Terez. My parents and nephews live in Dahiya, in Haret Hureik.

Israel has threatened that no place in Beirut is safe, especially the Dahiya. What is the boundary of the Dahiya by the way?

I moved my pregnant wife and my kid to a supposedly safe area in Beirut. Somewhere near the Bristol hotel.

I can not tolerate more “collateral” damage.
Forty civilians are already dead. 14 are children.

I moved my parents and nephews, their father-my brother- died 8 months ago, to my house in Hadet.

On the roads I saw very long lines of cars in front of gas stations. Plenty of people in supermarkets. Traffic jams. I will not comment on the Dahiya.

Feels like sitting ducks.

Who gives the generals of the IOF the idea that peace and security can be attained by killing families and children?

Now is the time for a miracle ya St Terez.



  1. Anarchistian · · Reply

    I wish you and your family all the best, and may God help us all. :-S

  2. I love Munich · · Reply

    Bashir, I read with horror what you write .. PLEASE watch yourself and your family!!! I follow closely the developments and pray, this nighmare will fast come to an end!GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!!!

  3. Pierre /Candide's Notebooks · · Reply

    Damn it Moussa I’m thinking about you and doing what pitiful little can be done from this end, but here’s what you’re up against: 40-odd civilians killed overnight, and what’s the New York Times sub-head this morning? “8 Israeli Troops Are Killed and 2 Are Held.” (The story mentiones just 2 civilians dead).

  4. well cry me a fuckin river. you have only your muqawama to blame, and your Syrian and Iranian friends.

  5. a h m a d · · Reply

    Be careful please. The israeli war machine is far from humanity.Today I couldn’t go to work as I live in Saida and work in Beirut. I don’t think I will be able to go tomorrow either. I hope things will settle down quickly.

  6. a miracle indeed.

  7. Shaden · · Reply

    Be safe!My prayers are with you and your family, I’m really sorry.

  8. Tasuooooo · · Reply

    next time think twice b4 u fuck with isreal!what have we done to Lebanon b4 u kidnaped your soldiers and killed 8 of them? NOTHING!u lived your happy lives and we were fighting the palastiniens.Hizbulla, that feeds up with hate from siria and Iran attacked us, now u will eat the shit.

  9. notorious · · Reply

    tasuo i will tell u wut u have done, kept 3 lebanese prisoners for over 20 yrs locked in prison without any human rights takin into considiration, u have violated out airspace and naval boundaries, u detain and kill our fishirmen regularly, u have ocupied our land for a long time, u regularly send assasins to kil political leaders and creat mutiny and religeous tensions … list goes on mutherfucker, oh and amir … u fuckin idot, man that shit u say doesnt it pass thru ur brain first? shit.. man just think about the shit u say, dun just copy words from ur ignorent momy n dady n post em here, try for once to THINK

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