500 Meters Radius Around my House this Morning

Last night was a white night. The sound of planes and explosions kept us awake . I went out this morning to check on things. I managed to take these photos of the bridges and buildings within 500 meters radius around my house. The last three photos are about 1500m away, but they are of the Sahel Hospital and the bridge near it. All these bridges lead to the International Airport. Heavy smoke can still be seen rising from the airport. Three major intersections, Mar Michael Church intersection, Musharafieh and Ghobeiri square are totally destroyed. I couldn’t reach. Police stopped me. They were being repared. I can hear planes in the sky now attacking the Airport.



  1. Mustapha · · Reply

    yalla man, the mess will be over soon nshallah.Thx for taking my place in globalvoices.

  2. Anarchistian · · Reply

    Uff. 😦God save us from what is yet to come. 😦

  3. a h m a d · · Reply

    God protect you and your family and loved ones… I just heard that they hit the Nour station in Haret Hreik, God save us.

  4. usaCHRISTIAN · · Reply

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