Far Beyond Collective Punishment. Lebanon: Collective Death

Haret Hureik and its surroundings are inhabited by about two hundred and fifty thousand [250000] civilians.
It has been totally destroyed. Two hospitals are damaged. Our home and homes of family and friend all gone. Their lives were barely saved. Some acquaintances are already dead.
And you tell me not to look at the TV as not to feel bad.
The rest of the suburbs has about 750000 civilians. It is now under renewed attacks. Some civilians are trapped.
Israel is warning civilians in cities and villages in South Lebanon to leave.
But Israel has damaged all roads and bridges leading out.
Internationally prohibited phosphorus bombs are used against civilians in South Lebanon.
More massacres will be committed by the Israelis, as usual.
The Israelis will also repeat that stupid line claiming that “terrorists” are hiding behind civilians.
And some expect me to understand, appreciate, excuse and justify this because the “morally superior” IDF (IOF) said it is only attacking HizbAllah.
Take your boots off my neck.



  1. Osaid Rasheed · · Reply

    Add to that : It is Hizbullah that started the war ! Hizbollah attacked the borders and kidnapped teh 2 soldiers who were picnicing on the lebanese borders !I am sure that this last confrontation with Hizbollah will change the whole opinions of the Israeli people, mostly towards a more realistic solutions.good day

  2. Anarchistian · · Reply

    “a3thir man anzar”“Excuse the one who warned”is the Israeli phrase of the day.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Osaid, that’s a good one: “picnicking on the Lebanese borders”…You should really check your sources of information again.Anyway, it is up to you to decide how this will end (or go on). Are you still going to let your so call “friends” take control over your future and the future of your children, or are you, the people of Lebanon, take responsibility for your country, and as you pushed Syria out, push their first and foremost partners out and live peacefully with Israel.Your life before this were looking promising. Lebanon was on the right track. Your “friends” did not care for this. They are not getting their commands from Lebanon but still, they performed an act of war in the name of Lebanon. Did they ask you? Would you agree? Are they doing what you thought is right to do at the time?I think that if you look deep into your heart you will see what I mean.A Neighbor.

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    To Osaid,: if things would not be so sad it almost would be a Joke…”picknik on the Lebanese Border”..To Neighbor:If things would be that easy it would be great..and no more Dictators in this World .

  5. lleile · · Reply

    Bashir,thanks for the update, may you stay safe with your Family, I pray for youSalam

  6. I love Munich · · Reply

    OMG … I am SO SORRY!! Are you and your family alright? I really don’t know what to tell you for consolation … I feel horrible!! STAY STRONG Bashir … we’re ALL with you!

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