Israel Lies & Kills

All those who believe the Israeli line that “Hizbollah started this war” and that “we [Israel] are targeting only Hizbollah” should review the events of the past few months at least so as not to say the last few years.
Just recently, before all this happened, Israel carried out a series of assassination, car explosions and “mistake” killings in the South of Lebanon and in Beirut and its Suburbs.
Israel still occupies Lebanese territory.
A large Israeli Mossad ring responsible for the recent assassination of two brothers and most other explosions was caught a couple of weeks before this last aggression.
Israel did not deny any of these.
Israel is shelling heavily Beirut’s port, Kfarshima, Jamhour, Jounieh port, all bridges, Tripoli, North, South, East, West, everything, everybody, Muslims, Christians, Druze etc.
Hizbollah is not Al Qaida. In Lebanon Hizbollah is one on the phases of the RESISTANCE against Israeli occupation of Lebanese territory or did we forget?!
Israel lies and kills.
The world believes.

Today Lebanese national forces and political parties have declared that they will resist this aggression and stand by Hizbollah.

Oh, and whose photo is this? This is the Supreme Leader of the Hizbollah forces.



  1. Anarchistian · · Reply

    VICTORY FOR THE RESISTANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!We will go all the way. And we will give the enemy whatever we promised to give them!!!

  2. the perpetual refugee · · Reply

    The time for internal political bickering is paused.We all stand together in this time.We are under attack.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    <>Israel lies and kills.The world believes.<>Here in Portugal lots of people do not believe in Israel – me included. What they are doing is a crime. However, the way I see it, Israel do not stand a chance in the long term (the country do not have the resources to exist without a close relationship with its neighbors and that I think is difficult to happen). The support of the USA will some day end, and when that day arrives Israel will simply disappear, by force of the demographics of the region, or most probably it will be consumed by war. So I think that the people of the ME will have a chance in the future. I know this is nothing to be happy for, given the circumstances.Good luck to you all.

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Allah U Akbar We all over the world have to see right through this there is no excuse to kill a people or a country Israel has made a big mistake and now has a country that was on its way to freein its self united in the front against Israel not only did u knock back lebanon 30 years back u have done the same to Israel.

  5. 2choosy · · Reply

    When will the middle-eastern people realize that the human race has to share (cohabitate) on this little tiny blue ball called earth. If this escalate into WWIII then we will have to merge and purge the region the way we did in Europe and Japan. So you better get it Right or get Ready.

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    why r u people horrified with what is going on in the middle east? war has been part of human existance for thousands of years,as u people in the m.e. are witnesses too. O.K so hezbollah and hamas wipe isreal off the face the earth then what? they start war with each other! MY OPINION IS THAT BOTH hezbolla and hamas ARE BOTH PIECES OF CRAP!!! SO BOTH U PIECES OF CRAP GET READY FOR THE GREAT TRIBULATION,THAT IS THE U.S.A!!!! run u faggots cause here comes the RED,WHITE AND BLUE!!!!

  7. Khadijah · · Reply

    I believe entirely everything. This needs to be stopped. The Zionists are getting away with way too much

  8. I care · · Reply

    I am an American, I am very disturbed by the attitude of the anonymous “RED WHITE AND BLUE” statement in response to the horrific picture of the young boy. I am disturbed and ashamed by the arrogance of so many in my country these days. I feel like a minority as a compassionate understanding American. Too many Lebanese and Palestinian children have been hurt by sharpnel. Does the world remember Qana? Sabra and Shatilla? Why are so many in my country numb to the consequences of war on the innocent. My prayers are with everyone in the Middle East.

  9. Anonymous · · Reply

    I`m also deeply sorry and disturbed about the Attitude/Action of the US Goverment ,many People are in disagreement but cant do anything exept pray for the People of Libanon and Palestine . Lana, USA

  10. Puzzled · · Reply

    I don’t believe that this is a picture of a Hezbollah leader. We have no way of knowing for sure whose picture it is, nor what happened.I can guarantee one thing:Nobody in Israel deliberately targets peaceful civilians. Never. No exceptions, except for a rare insane person. I sincerely don’t understand why anybody would want to blow themselves up to deliberately kill civilians. Can somebody explain it to me?Let us pray that there be more wisdom in the world.

  11. Anonymous · · Reply

    insane..Israel IS insane by targeting Civiliens!duhh

  12. Lebnese Liona · · Reply

    Bashir,Thanks for this message. Very nicely done!!!Maybe people will wake up and understand what the heck is going on!!

  13. Anonymous · · Reply

    annnymous,I am a US citizen also, you should look me up sometime in the North east of US. I will show you how a fag and a coward runs after I beat the piss ou of you!!!Nobody wants to see your pathetic comments !!!Not sure but you would give Bush a run for his money when it comes to lack of brain cells!!!

  14. Anonymous · · Reply

    with great power,comes great responabilty. America is a great power so when millitants,terrorist or rouge armies act up it is americas place 2 lay the smackdown!war is what America was born of,its what we do best,its what we know too do,and we do it with great strenght and power.I agree that it is a tragedy when young boys and girls are victims of war,but do you people recall SEPT.11? people all over the middle east were dancing and rejoycing over the loss of AMERICAN lives! the third world war loomes large over the horrizine……as for the faggot in “the north east of the u.s.”the only thing u will beat the piss out off is my C**K!!

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