The Lebanon We Love. Israel Will Not Take Away.

At about 2 AM the sound of two explosions turned out to be an Apache shelling some truck on the main road two blocks away from my house. At the intersection between St Therese (St Terez) and Kamil Chamoun Blvd. That is where the St Terez Hospital and Church are.
By the way, I live sandwiched between a church to my north and a mosque to my south. This is the Lebanon we love.
Anyway I was not able to check on things there since the southern suburb is still being shelled till this moment.
I will have to update the photo of my parents place since the entire area is now leveled to the ground. It has been under continuous shelling since the last time I went there (16th). Israel is helping us create open spaces which are much needed in Beirut.
The radius of the shelling in the suburb increased, this is a stupid remark since the shelling is covering the entire 10452 sq km of Lebanon.
At 2 AM this morning, Hadet (St Terez) and Choufet were targeted (Lebanese for Christian and Druze areas).
People with trucks parking near their homes are now living in panic. Yesterday a truck bringing loads of medicine from Emirates was targeted and destroyed. A convoy of ambulances was hit and had to return. One driver was killed.
In Aytaroun two families were completely wiped out when their homes were destroyed while they were in it, 26 died. The rumor is that their cat (Sunshine) was the head of Hizbollah operations.
This morning, in the village of Srifa, 30 civilians (so far), most of them of the same family were killed when their homes were shelled. I recognize the names of some of those killed.
The number of displaced is officially 500000, number killed 300 number maimed 900, so far.
I was talking to Ali and he said: “do you notice how the numbers 12 dead or 20 dead, don’t mean anything anymore? We don’t call it a massacre anymore? How we have become hardened? We are in a phase were a 100 or more is now considered a massacre!”
The daily massacres continue.
Hey, St Terez, isn’t it time for one of your miracles?

Update: A truck was just bombed, in Achrafieh, translated to Lebanese, this is the core of Maronite Christian areas in Beirut.
Achrafieh bombed again, a truck doing some repair work in Abdel Aziz Strt (Monot). It is IMPOSSIBLE for Hizbollah to be found in Monot street, the pride of Lebanese nightlife. Go figure!!



  1. the perpetual refugee · · Reply

    Bashir, I don’t call it a massacre.What is happening is a genocide. Nothing less.

  2. Anarchistian · · Reply

    The trucks were out of service… In Zahrat al-Ihsan area. HezbAllah does NOT have a presence there and will NEVER have a presence there. The bombs that targeted the drillers were 5-minute timed ones. Which means that the Israelis knew that they were not rocket launchers, otherwise they would’ve bombed them immediately rather than with timed bombs…I agree with Perpetual Refugee. This is a Genocide.Glad you and your family are alright.

  3. I love Munich · · Reply

    I agree with Perpetual refugee … and the analysis of anarchistian!Bashir – STAY SAFE, we’re all with you!!

  4. I love Munich · · Reply

    Bashir – a short while ago they bombed central Beirut … ARE YOU ALRIGHT???

  5. Dr Victorino de la Vega · · Reply

    Lebanon is being razed before our very eyes by the IDF.Prof. Juan Cole sums up the situation north of the Sicaric Republic of Phariseestan:<>“The death toll late Tuesday stood at 235 people killed in Lebanon and 25 in Israeli. About half of the Israeli deaths were military personnel. Only a handful of the Lebanese deaths have been military, and only a fraction of those have been Hizbullah fighters. In fact, have even ten Hizbullah guerrillas been killed by the Israelis since this fight began? <>They say it is a fight with Hizbullah. But then they bomb Greek Orthodox churches and milk factories” <><>

  6. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    When extreme religious movements who promote violence with bombs and rockets choose to live within the regular population they have made the choice to put that population at risk. They have chosen to use the innocent population as human shields. Such people now cry fowl and blame the other side. Hezballah is also a part of the Government, thus the actions of their leaders affect the health and safety of the population. For Hezballah leaders to cry fowl and blame the other side, when they are intertwined into the governing leadership is misleading. While war is tragic, while war is a horror, so too is suicide bombing, and random missle firing. It is all war. It is not a cause when one resorts to bombs and rockets, it is war. War always harms the population. Hezballah is now reeping what they have sown, and the price is being paid by the population they have used as a human shields. Hezballah could have chosen to disarm – then they and the population would have been innocent, but Hezballah chose to obtain more arms, longer range rockets, so they are not innocent, and the blood of the population they hide behind like cowards is on their hands.

  7. Dr Victorino de la Vega · · Reply

    “Is it the cries of brown children with flies in their eyes?” says British blogger-poet P. Iscariot. For Tex-Aviv couture house this season brown is the new black.It’s clearly a dirty color, the color of feces, Mohammedans and Hispanics. The color of Arabian olive oil and Spanish grease.Brown is also the color of terrorism: just look at the post-mortem pictures of Che Guevara and Zarqawi, and the fetid corpses of Shiite children littering south Lebanon’s valley of death… Bushmert’s phosphorus bombs will bleach their oily skin and purify their dark souls.

  8. Abe Bird · · Reply

    I agree with PM Ulmart. Prof. Juan Cole is talking ProPalganda jerk for years. How he really knows the number of dead Hizbullah terrorists? Hizbullah is hiding information and spread lies. All Hizbullah terrorists are considered citizens. Just wait for the fog to get over and count the real number of Hizbullah deads. Than start your celebrations.Lebanon has no permission to bomb Israel and kidnap 2 Israeli soldiers. Neither does Hizbullah (Which is a Terror organization that share the local Lebanese government/politics). Lebanon should take responsibility for the Hizbullah actions. Israel has the right, and I rather say the obligation, to protect her citizens and soldiers.Lebanon should really check her behave towards Hizbullah and except the G-8 demands which include the disarmament of Hizbullah and move its all activists from the South to the North.

  9. khadijah · · Reply

    Wow…this is an excuse by the Israelis to get back at Lebanon because Israel could not win with their years of occupation…and the powers that be are just allowing it to happen…just pathetic

  10. Concerned Outsider · · Reply

    You wanna talk Genocidal??? Arabs refuse to recongnize the right of jews to exist and pretend that Israel does not exist. Did 6 Arab contries gang up and attack Israel on a holiday because they are so peaceloving? Is that why the Syrian tanks were blaring “leave your homes, you can come back once we drive the jews into the sea” (at least that’s what some witnesses seem to remember, anyone now have a clearer pictures on why there are so many palestinian “refugees”??? I guess it’s too bad the Syrians didn’t get their wish, and then quickly turned their backs on the very people they were telling to leave their homes) as they pressed their attack? Was it not muslim leaders who met with Hitler in the 1930s to see how they can join him (and presumably help him carry out his final solution)? Too bad for them, Hitler was an equal opportunity racist and hated everyone equally including all Arabs (which he btw, called “warlike” and similar to Germans). Once you put things into perspective, who is really bent on genocide???

  11. Anonymous · · Reply

    Bushmert someday will have to answer to a higher power too.

  12. khadijah · · Reply

    <>Bushmert someday will have to answer to a higher power too. <>That is sooo true…

  13. For someone living in a country under siege, Bashir appears to have extremely good sources of intelligence. His reporting is so detailed as to make me suspicious. Good propaganda always has some element of truth in it. How well does Hizbollah or the Lebanese government pay, Bashir?

  14. Anonymous · · Reply

    Eddo; does it bother you that someone is there telling the truth?

  15. Anonymous · · Reply

    I think its time for Lebanese people to make their own decision. The whole world knows that Hezbollah used Lebanon to wage a war because of the weak govt. Lebanon and other middle eastern countries should stop blaming Israel and western countries for all their problems. It is the middle east who have to sought out their own problems and stop looking to the west. Realistically the whole world is fed up of the middle east problems. It seems people in the middle east are just not interested in peace and do not want to give peace a chance. Even we people in India support Israel as we have been victims of terrorist and lsot innocent lives. So the Islamic countries have better got to be careful when waging a war in Asia. Instead concentrated on educating your people that will in turn bring talent out of the region to fight the west.

  16. Anonymous · · Reply

    It is the Lebanon people who have got to stand up and say enough is enough to Hezbollah. This is not what the lebanese people want. Yes it may be a proxy war by Iran, but definetly not lebanaon’s war. So all you people out there pick up your guts, demonstrate as hard as you can and send a strong message to Hezbollah to stop the fight just as you’ll drove Syria away. Don’t wait for the UN, they proved to be weak. Don’t wait for USA cause people don’t want to get invovled. If the Arabs haste Americans why should they get involved-which only leave lebanon to fight for themselves.As much as we Indian we like to supprot and empathise with Lebanon, it hard to side Hezbollah as we have faced terrorism in our soil. Simply put it the support for middle east in India is slim. all we get in return are sucide bombers the most favourite sport of the middle east.

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