Help the Red Cross Help Lebanon

Katia and Firas (US) prepared and are distributing this flier. Help them help the Red Cross.

It is with a heavy heart that we watch the news about the current war in Lebanon. Many Lebanese civilians have lost their homes, and are living in the streets or schools, with scarce water, food, or medicine. Water born disease is threatening their lives. People whose life depends on medicine, like diabetics or asthmatics, are at the mercy of organizations struggling to cope with the tragedy. The count of innocent civilians injured in the war is rising.

The Lebanese Red Cross is trying to provide drinking water, food and medicine, but they need funds. The Red Cross doesn’t take positions in a conflict but provides people in dire need with the barest essentials for surviving. Whichever position you are taking in this war, let your compassion be on the side of the innocent and helpless people, whose lives are caught and destroyed in the midst of a terrible conflict.

Donate to the Lebanese Red Cross and help deliver water, food, and medicine; alleviate the pain of civilians who are living through the hell of war.


Here is a list of other relief organizations in Lebanon.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Spain people and government are with LebanonFirst of all I hope you are all safe in Lebanon. Here in Spain, most people supports Lebanese people against the Israeli aggression. In several opinion polls Spanish people considered Israeli actions as aggression and no defense operations. As well, our presidente Zapatero is the only European chairmen in criticizing Israel. Therefore, Israeli ambassador in Spain said that relations with Spain are harmed considerably. Today evening there are a lot of manifestations against Israeli aggression against Lebanon and Palestine.In conclusion, you aren’t alone all Spanish people are with you. Be strong.Ma Issalama

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    For those thinking of donating, please be careful from donating to fraudulent websites. It is during these times when websites start immitating other websites and your money goes elsewhere. So please be careful. You can also donate to the Lebanese Red Cross directly by doing a bank money transfer. They have their account number on their site.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thanks for the info. Salam

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