Khiam Prison Shelled: Israel "Erases" its Dark Past

Today it was reported that Israel shelled and demolished the Khiam Prison.
Khiam Prison is (was) the Lebanese Auschwitz.
In this prison Israeli and its pawns kept, tortured, and killed Lebanese during its occupation of Lebanon between 1982 and 2000. That is until the National Resistance (of which Hizbollah became a phase) kicked the Israeli out of Lebanon.
Khiam Prison was then kept as a memorial indicating the atrocities of Israel.
This Prison was visited a lot after liberation in 2000. Tourists visited it to see the ingenious torture methods used against Lebanese men and women during the 18 long years of Israeli occupation.
Israel demolished it today. And why not? While they are at it! Why shouldn’t they whitewash this blemish? Why not remove all evidence that incriminate their “morally superior army”?
The world is too small for TWO Auschwitz memorials.
Orwellian par excellence!



  1. Sheikh Abu Bahîm Ab Rûti · · Reply

    “Great spirits always meet” as Lord Shaftesbury famously said.Not so great spirits too I’m afraid.Hence the explicit alliance of Bushmert with the house of Saud…War criminals and racist thugs of the world unite!Plus Bushmert and the Wahhabis of Riyadh share a common ideological foundation: that of the Hebrew Torah- adapted into “Koranic” Bedouin Arabic by Sheikh M.I. Al Bukhâri, a zealous Jewish convert to Sunni fundamentalism, and a hero to pro-Saudi thugs the world around. The current tragedy in Lebanon has shown us the true face of Saad Hariri’s collaborationist brand of Wahhabism-Lite, and it doesn’t look good. One day, he will have to pay for his crimes.Stay safeSheikh Abu Bahîm Ab Rûti

  2. I love Munich · · Reply

    Yes, one day they will be made accounted for the crimes they committed – BY GOD I wish that!!PLEASE WATCH YOURSELF – STAY SAFE!!

  3. Anarchistian · · Reply

    What are they going to achieve? They may erase the solid structures that attest to their monstrosities, but they will never erase it from our minds. That is where WE win. And they will never be able to force us to have peace with them.

  4. Majda · · Reply

    O, how dreadful thing… I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I have already withnessed a war in my country, beeing just a 7 year old child… No words can emphasise my deep sorrow that, still, there are children in the world that are suffering just like we, children of Bosnia, have suffered during 1992-1995 period… May dear God protect Lebanon and all innocent children in the world!

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    Help all humanity today. All religions are killing our world, suffocating our youth, brainwashing their minds. Mother earth is our home soon to be destroyed by this poison. Stop the wars, we all must live in peace to survive. My heart goes out to my beautiful Lebanon.

  6. What happened at Khiam Prison was a great tragedy and a war crime. The atrocities committed there must never be forgotten.But it was not Auschwitz. Between 1.1 and 1.6 MILLION people were murdered at Auschwitz, about 90 percent were Jewish.The purpose of the murders at Auschwitz was to eliminate the Jewish race, and in Poland, that purpose was acheived.

  7. khadijah · · Reply

    The Israelis can never erase the hurt and pain that they inflicted and continue to inflict on Lebanon…

  8. Anonymous · · Reply

    I agree,but for the sake of Mankind we need to move forward.

  9. Gil Jdid · · Reply

    Help our famillies by donating to the Lebanese Red Cross at: http://www.donatelebanon.comThis link is currently being posted on RadioCanada and will be on numerous Lebanese news papers, radios, and televesion websites.Please help us help them.

  10. Pierre /Candide's Notebooks · · Reply

    From the Wall Street Journal today: “Israeli military experts say it’s now clear that air strikes alone won’t dislodge Hezbollah from southern Lebanon or destroy its thousands of rockets and missiles. With a successful ground operation, Israel could cripple Hezbollah and perhaps induce other factions in battered Lebanon to permanently shut down the Shiite Muslim group’s militia.”From the Washington Post today: “Israel on Thursday told Lebanese residents to leave the southern sector of the country below the Litani River within 24 hours. The warning came a day after punishing airstrikes killed more than 50 people across Lebanon in the deadliest day since hostilities erupted July 12.”From Haaretz today: “Defense Minister Amir Peretz hinted Thursday that the Israel Defense Forces could launch a ground operation in Lebanon, saying that Hezbollah must not think itself immune from a variety of military steps in Israel’s fight against the guerilla organization.”From President Bush to Lebanon: Drop Dead. Shame on what poses as American diplomacy, nonexistent at the moment. Good luck.

  11. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    News: “Berhan Hailu, the Ethiopian minister of information, told Reuters in Addis Ababa on Wednesday: “We will use all means at our disposal to crush the Islamist group if they attempt to attack Baidoa, the seat of the transitional federal government.”” correct me if I’m wrong, but to me as I scan headlines worldwide it appears that Islamist groups are involved in many wars. It doesn’t matter if they are by Israel or by Ethiopia, they resort to resolving issues with war. It appears to me to be religious groups engaging in religious wars. Why is it that Islamic groups are such warmongers?

  12. Anonymous · · Reply

    The 2 Israeli Arab Children that were bombed and killed in Nazereth it is said that the Missle came from Nazereth Elit which is the Jewish upper Nazereth. The Arabs live in Lower Nazereth at the bottom..Of the Valley. It sounds like the Yehude is trying to Ignite strife among the Israeli Arabs as well they want them out of Israel as well. They will do anything to get rid of any Arab wether they are Christian, Muslim or Druze..This is not a religious war this is an Ethnic war. Habib P.s Great Blog Keep up the Good work….

  13. Abu Bahîm Ab Rûti Al Muqâwem bi Amri l'Haq · · Reply

    <>Les principaux oulémas Wahhabites du royaume de Séoudistan viennent de publier < HREF="" REL="nofollow">une fatwa <>soutenant explicitement la politique d’agression Israélienne.Il faut reconnaître la prescience hors du commun des théologiens racistes et réactionnaires de la radio libanaise FM 93.9, à la fois « pro-gouvernementale » et pro-Bush, chère au cheikh Saad Al-Hariri, qui appellent discrètement (au nom du principe Islamiste de la « Taqiyyah ») depuis la fin des années 1990 au nettoyage ethnique des zones chrétiennes et chiites du Liban, de préférence par la prédication et la conversion par voie soft/persuasive (« Al-Lisân »), puis si nécessaire par le fil de l’épée (« Al-Sayff »).Hariri avait plusieurs années d’avance sur les Ben Jacob et les Ibn Séoud réunis : l’élève a dépassé le maître !<>

  14. Anonymous · · Reply

    I find the the comments by the late Edward Said especially important right now: “Remember the solidarity shown to Palestine here and everywhere… and remember also that there is a cause to which many people have committed themselves, difficulties and terrible obstacles notwithstanding. Why? Because it is a just cause, a noble ideal, a moral quest for equality and human rights.” I would add the people of Lebanon who are being viciously attacked by Israel and the US, and yes I do mean the US. Their role is critical to these crimes against humanity.God willing, George W. Bush will be tried for war crimes one day.I have started a new blog to extensively cover this ongoing tragedy. If you have the chance please give it a look.In solidarity,Rob

  15. An Israeli · · Reply

    There is nothing Israel wants more than to get over with this war.Please, Make the Lebanese government take the responsibility over it’s southern border.Please, Do not turn our soldiers to your garbage cleaners and let them deal all alone with Hizbulla who does whatever it wants from it’s home base – Lebanon.It is Lebanon’s first and most important interest to finish the Hizbulla regime in Lebanon.Make it end and there will be a great joind future for our two countries. Lebanon, the most liberal muslim contry in the Middle East, is very much like Israel and there is no good reason why can’t the two countries achieve a prosperous peace of great commercial and personal ties.Take care my friend, I hope this situation will be over soon.O.MJerusalem

  16. Anonymous · · Reply

    Keep dreaming, Lebanon is NOT like the puppet countries; Jordan, Egypt, we will never recognize the enemy.

  17. Anonymous · · Reply

    after this does Israel ever expect Lebanon to trust them or be friendly to them.So much for “democracies don’t attack each other”.Who will punch the neighborhood bully in the face?

  18. notorious · · Reply

    an israeli… u got a couple of good points, we would have loved to be freinds with u guys, and we have many similarities, if u would look closly muslims and israelies have way more similarities than christians and israelies religeon wise, and nation the same thing, but unfortunatly our leaders didnt allow this, ur leaders actually, u knaw by… invading us… killing us… our children… our men women and elderly… if u go way bak and trace this shit hole to the begining, we did nothing, u invaded us to kill the palistinian refugees in lebnon… wich u kicked them out of there houses .. so its all ur fault.. sory to disappointe u, but i apreciate the good will

  19. urbanespaces · · Reply

    RoxieAmerica- If I’d been brought up not reading much beyond the newspapers, I’d think the same way as you do too. However, unfashionably conspiracy theorist-like as this sounds, I do believe that there is a definitional battle for terms like terrorism and obviously, the Condy Rice led administration winning it.If you keep defining terrorism as acts that’s being perpetrated against America and its allies- sure, it’s the Muslims who’re going to be seen as the terrorists.The American government and (most) Americans seem to fail to understand historical context- when Iranians burned the American flag in the immediate aftermath of the Iranian revolution, American tv-viewers wondered why Iranians hated them so much. A suggestion to google ‘Mossadegh’ might sound condescending- but do that, Roxie. It might help you to understand historical context then, and possibly apply it now.

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