Angry Olmert Day 9

[Copy/Paste. Jamal go sue me!]

Beirut has been calm today. Again that’s not the case in the South where for the second day in a row Israel is attempting to advance on the ground. Ariel Sharon is still shitting himself, while his understudy is scratching his bald head looking for a way out of the “Lebanese Mud”.

Olmert is discovering that even in the driest month of the year, Lebanon is as muddy as ever for his killing machine. The high ceiling he set for this bloody adventure on Day 1 is looking more unrealistic with every passing day. Instead Olmert is looking for any trophy photo op to save face. Until then expect a plethora of crimes against civilians and barrage of lies to cover them up.

Olmert’s problem is that he failed to realize that no one can figure out Lebanon, not even the Lebanese understand Lebanon. Lebanon is and has always been a permanently PMSing female.Thinking that he had it all figured out and that he could manipulate this little country, he proceeded with his little killing campaign. Well, that arrogance is only gonna get him a swift kick in the balls.

Olmert is trying to tame the untamable. Well let’s see his face when he finally concedes that his only way out is through negotiations. It won’t be the face of someone stuck in Lebanese Mud; It’ll be the face of someone absorbing the full force of a Lebanese Khazouk.



  1. notorious · · Reply

    heheh, man u made me smile, something for the past 9 days i forgot how to do… he is gona have a lebanese khazuk up his ass but unfortunatly thats gina hapen after he fucks our litle beautiful leb up

  2. I love Munich · · Reply

    I really think this what’ll happen .. it will come to negotiations as there is no military solution! Whoever thinks this way, is already a loser!Just HANG IN THERE GUYS … we’re supporting you ALL THE WAY!!

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    lol. keep up the hate: it certainly explains your culture’s great success in recent years.

  4. usaCHRISTIAN · · Reply

    to i love munich, i have been seeing your post and keeping quiet. because i truly feel your heart is blocking you from seeing the facts here. personally, i kinda feel sorry for you. its been like watching an innocent baby crying asking WHY? and just not understanding the truth. you are totally blinded to hezbolla. this entire situation is HORRIFIC and sad for BOTH SIDES. i also want it to STOP. i also cry over seeing these people SUFFERING! however, i also know none of this will stop UNTIL hezbolla is out of there!!!! ISRAEL is doing lebanon a great justice getting those TERRORIST out of there!!! if only the lebanese people would finally understand that!!!! and help put them out of their country!!!! ISRAEL DOES NOT WANT TO HARM THE PEOPLE!!!! AND NOT EVEN THEIR GOVT!!!! however, i had to comment to you THIS time because this is the first sensible comment you have said. GOD BLESS YOU.

  5. Israeli Christian · · Reply

    Usa Christian you are Habla typical Usa Chrisitan mentality. Y’all dont know shit at what is going on over here. You get all of your B.S info from Hagee, Hal Lyndsey, or Pat robertson who gets there info from Lying Fox and Lying CNN. You people need to shake yourselves and wake up stop believing Zionist lies..From Israeli Christian.. Also read this and learn the truth..This is what realy went on in Nazereth.. The 2 Israeli Arab Children that were bombed and killed in Nazereth it is said that the Missle came from Nazereth Elit which is the Jewish upper Nazereth. The Arabs live in Lower Nazereth at the bottom..Of the Valley. It sounds like the Yehude is trying to Ignite strife among the Israeli Arabs as well they want them out of Israel as well. They will do anything to get rid of any Arab wether they are Christian, Muslim or Druze..This is not a religious war this is an Ethnic war.

  6. usaCHRISTIAN · · Reply

    israeli christian, first of all whether you are an american, or in israel or a CHRISTIAN anyyyywheres in the world. we as CHRISTIANS are NOT to be speaking with potty mouths. or MAYBE you have forgotten that ALSO? and as a CHRISTIAN this has EVERYTHING to do with RELIGION. if you study your bible you would certainly know that. everything happening RIGHT NOW has ALL BEEN WRITTEN & FOR TOLD!!!!!! I PRAY YOU OPEN YOUR EYES REAL SOON. GOD BLESS YOU.

  7. Israeli Chrisitian · · Reply

    Usa Chrisitian you are blind and ignorant I do not cast my pearls before swine.. Wake up child of Babylon..Yessuah said my people perish for lack of knowlege…It is pitiful how blind and foolish American Christians are.. You know the whole world knows the truth but the Ignorant ASS AMERICAN CHRISTIANS DONT…ALLAH MA’IK…

  8. Anonymous · · Reply

    True believers of any faith do NOT degrade other Religions,and dont use the Political Leaders as an Example,and I do refere to ALL THEM of them on All Sides. How can Peace ever prevail if these Leaders are crazy and everyday Citizens follow their Path? worldcitizen

  9. Anonymous · · Reply

    any ethnic/religious war will only go as far as the PEOPLE want/allow it to go. the citizens of this World are not sheep ; needed to be led to slaughter, it is time that the People of this world stand UNITED,perhaps then the Leaders will re-consider ,when no one is left to fight their dirty Wars .Salam, Peace worldcitizen

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