New & Improved Neighborhood

Al Jamous Street is almost 250 meters to the west of my house. Al Jamous is Arabic for Buffalo. Nine buildings and a gas station were totally demolished in this street as a result of air raids this afternoon.
This street is part of Al Sfeir area. This is an area of Beirut that was recently built and inhabited. That is during the past four years. This area was an uninhabited buffer zone between suburbs of west Beirut and suburbs of east Beirut during the Lebanese civil war between 1975 and 1990.
It became inhabited during the past few years when we felt that there will never be another civil war. Little did we know that the “seeds of democracy” and “the Peace” were going to be sowed there.

I went there this morning. As I do everyday. I checked on my house and got some clothes [I am living about 8 km away closer to Beirut’s center]. I saw a couple of guys still there. They have no place to go. I talked to one of my neighbors. His wife and baby girl are tucked safely two kilometers to the north. And as usual I asked about the other neighbors. They are all somewhere else. Refugees.

I left at about 12 noon.
Around 5 PM I heard strong explosions despite the kilometers. The TV announced that Jamous and Sfeir were hit. Hachem gas station was hit. The gas station is a 5 min walk from my house, even if I walk slowly. The TV later announced that 9 buildings in the vicinity of the gas station were completely destroyed. My neighbor is not answering my phone calls. The TV is now saying that the buildings are rocketed with “sleeping bombs” after they are destroyed. These bombs explode later on when people come to check on their houses. The TV does not lie. Or does it?

I will try to take photos of my “new and improved neighborhood” if and when I go to check on my house next time.

A hall 500 meters to the west of Al Jamous was hit yesterday for the third time in six days. Why three times? The first picture is of the first strike, the second is of the third. Six buildings – 8 to 9 stories containing apartments – around this hall are now totally destroyed. I know some people who live in these buildings. Civilians. But then who am I to know what the fighters know?

Sanyoura gives Rice a huggy-huggy and a kissy-kissy in this photo from Assafir. What is this all about?



  1. Oh, this is my family steet.

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    Dear Bashir,I hate to hear the bad news. I sincerely hope the gentleman who has the wife and baby girl elsewhere is okay.And another day in which I receive a message from you is an answer to prayer.We believe in you, and Lebanon. I have always dreamed of Lebanon, and inshallah one day I will have the honor and privilege to visit.

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    Moussa: I have been reading your blog for quite some time. I cant even imagine going through what you, your family and friends have been through. I want you to know that the information you have shared with me as an American have opened my eyes as to how much I am uninformed on due to cencorship. I discovered your site because I had a friend who is Lebonanese that I was concerned about. I started to realize that the media only talked about generalizations – I could not hear what was happening to the people…If I could scoop all of you up and make it better I would be so happy…no one that is in Lebanon deserve this – no one…isreal is not only to blame – syria and us are using you as pawns…my heart is with all of you….K

  5. Bashir, hang in there brother. You are one of the heroes in this war.Stay safe!

  6. oneperson · · Reply

    Please stay safe…be safe…Let us all pray for peaceGod be with you.

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  8. Moussa Great site. Keep up the good work…

  9. I love Munich · · Reply

    Goodness heaven … I didn’t even know something devilish like “sleeping bombs” exists!!! How’s your family? Are your neighbours with the baby-girl Ok?HANG IN THERE MOUSSA .. WE’RE ALL WITH YOU!!!Ebal … what the US of A tries very much to hide is the fact that not only 18-22 Mill Jews are there – but as well 17-22 Mill. Muslims!! That fact seems to scare them …And a word to anonymous “K” …Syria is the ONLY country which REALLY, hand-on, helps the Lebanese people by opening their houses and sharing whatever they have – I can only highly salute them! NO OTHER ARAB COUNTRY did that … I do not believe this pawn-theory either … I think this is what you or all of us SHOULD believe … bad propaganda which compliments the picture they drew for us!

  10. I love Munich · · Reply

    I forgot to mention …I found Rice’s visit was an insult, a humiliation to the Lebanese people and the fact that Sanyoura hugged and kissed her … well, I can’t grasp why he did that! A cool handshake would have been MORE than enough in wake of her distinct “analysis” of the situation … and refusal to pressure the Israelis for a cease-fire! Somebody slam the pictures of dead and dismembered bodies in front of her on the coffee-table … but then again – maybe she’s too sensitive for that! I could explode from anger …

  11. yougogirl · · Reply

    i wish all of you well.

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    Anonymous your an Idiot. The Americans and the Yehude killed Hariri..They wanted him out of the way so it would be easier doing what there doing to Lubnan now. Lubenan’s President is an American and Israeli puppet….The Yehude are going to take Lubenan all the way to the Turkish border..They have to have more land to put the worlds 75 or more million Yehude population.

  14. I love Munich · · Reply

    Anonymous … I don’t know who you are but apparently I am a wee-bit more critical toward what I hear and read that you! It is my opinion that the whole world SHOULD BELIEVE, Syria killed al-Hariri but even a close investigation (the second) did not find any convincing evidence! It would be convenient though, I admit … another thing to blame Syria for – who knows, MAYBE someone will need ihn the near (or further) future a reason for to attack …If you recall … the guard admitted to have received a substantial sum of bribe-money for telling a lie … only GOD kows how many other people did the same!Besides … it lacks ANY logic – just think a bit more critical and don’t believe everything you hear as granted – that’s not very smart!I always prefere to use my own head …

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    The Rabbi last night on Fox stated that the jews have NO right to a state,since according to beliefs they are punished ; banned from their homeland and doomned to wander and to live with all Nations. How about that..the Solution to all Problems arrives from one of their own.Observing

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    This would Not be the first one killed by americans;look at the past. mad in usa

  17. Pierre/Candide's Notebooks · · Reply

    Check it out everyone: our own Moussa Bachir quoted in an editorial in the Daytona Beach News-Journal in Florida: “What we’re seeing here,” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said just before going to Lebanon, “are the birth pangs of a new Middle East.” She might have chosen an image less at odds with the hostility she’s been assigned to mediate. As Moussa Bachir, a Lebanese blogger who’s been following the situation for Global Voices Online, wryly put it between sounds of falling shells and sights of foreigners being evacuated, “I am expecting very difficult times ahead now that Ms. Rice is the mother who is giving birth to us.”See the full editorial here:

  18. Anonymous · · Reply

    Mother Rice and Father Bush should both be present to witness ‘the birth of Lebanon’.All comfort provided courtesy of Uncle Olmert and other family members.mia

  19. Anonymous · · Reply

    Sude Klab should stay in America where she belongs…We DO NOT NEED THEM OVER HERE!! They will ruin the Middle East like they did America and Britain…

  20. Anonymous · · Reply

    …my home is in tht street w till yesterday it is still gud wel manta2a was still fine enno i mean a7san men manate2 tenye b beirut..w ana bel jabal now w visitin beirut every now n then .. not me in particular but ma parents am really not fine 2 all tht…hope thngs wud get better n fine…

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