Rami Khouri, editor at large of Lebanon’s Daily Star believes Israeli policies are inherently flawed. “If there is a Nobel Prize for promoting terrorism it should be given for the last quarter century to the Israelis. They are the masters at implementing policies that generate a counter policy of increasingly militant resistance, and hard-line Islamist politics,” says Khouri. [Quoted from]

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan expressed shock at the deliberate targetting of the UN peacekeeping base in Khiam, south Lebanon.

‘ “This coordinated artillery and aerial attack on a long established and clearly marked U.N. post at Khiam occurred despite personal assurances given to me by (Israeli) Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that U.N. positions would be spared Israeli fire,” ‘[Quoted from]

Philip Gordon relays the thinking of the Israeli political and military elite behind its inhuman and massive bombing of all Lebanon:

‘ According to retired Israeli army Col. Gal Luft, the goal of the campaign is to “create a rift between the Lebanese population and Hezbollah supporters.” The message to Lebanon’s elite, he said, is this: “If you want your air conditioning to work and if you want to be able to fly to Paris for shopping, you must pull your head out of the sand and take action toward shutting down Hezbollah-land.” ‘ [Quoted from]



  1. badger · · Reply

    For all their vaunted “intelligence”, it’s amazing how little the US & Israel know about the Lebanese people. As can be seen from the following quote from A’sad Abu Khalil http://angryarab.blogspot.com/, all of the Lebanese people (Christian, Shi’ites, Sunnis and Druze) are solidly behind HA:“So what do the Lebanese people really think? Now that there are American Zionists who regularly speak on behalf of the Lebanese people, now that I have seen Bush–BUSH–speak about what the people of Lebanon need, and now that some Lebanese mercenaries and war criminals have been anointed to speak on behalf of Lebanon, we have at least a survey of Lebanese public opinion. It was conducted by the reliable Markaz Bayrut li-l-Abhath (and I thank `Abduh and Amal for sharing the unpublished results with me). These are some of the highlights: 70 % support the capture of the two Israeli soldiers (73.1 among Sunnis, 96.3 among Shi`ites, 40% among Druzes, and 55 among Christians); 87% support that “the resistance fight Israeli aggression on Lebanon” (88.9 among Sunnis, 96.3 among Shi`ites, 80% among Druzes, and 80% among Christians); 8% think that America adopted a positive position toward Lebanon during this war (7.9% among Sunnis, 4 among Shi`ites, 13.6 among Druzes, and 15 among Christians).PS Sample size is 800. The overwhelming majority were face- to -face interviews (including all displaced individuals).”

  2. hind shoufani · · Reply

    Hi. I have recently come across your blog. I have been avidly reading every day. Thank you for your input and i dont have words to convey how angry i am to be literally stuck outside my beloved beirut and how furious i am at whats happening, being both palestinian by birth and lebanese by choice and spirit as well. Hope you are well. Rami khouri is my uncle, my mothers brother, and i am happy you quoted him here. Hope to read more soon. Bon Courage.

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