Funny quote of the day:
“It is Hizbollah, which is deliberately preventing the transfer of medical aid and food to the population of southern Lebanon in order to create a humanitarian crisis, which they want to blame Israel for.” – Avi Pazner, Israeli government spokesman


A father left his wife and five kids in the safety of their home in the southern village of Numeiriyah. He went out to get them bread to eat. Israel bombed the house. The mother and her five kids were killed in the blast.

The border between Lebanon and Syria was targeted with three raids. The holes created on both sides of the highway are about 3 meters deep.

A second mass grave was filled today with the remains of Lebanese civilians (many children) who were pulled from under the rubbles of Tyre (Sour). It took three days to get some of the bodies out.

Jiyeh petroleum storage tanks are still on fire. They were hit during the first days of the aggression. An amount of petroleum found its way into the sea to the shores of Beirut. Now Ramlet al Bayda (Arabic for white sand) beach in Beirut is black.

A truck carrying potatoes was targeted. Lebanese avoid driving near trucks these days as well as avoiding routes that have bridges.

Those who have to move around paint TV on the upper part of their cars or vehicles. I have not figured this out yet. Since the press, the Red Cross, humanitarian help, convoy of civilians forced to flee have all been hit in the past.

NassrAllah made a televised speech. It was widely broadcasted.

Maroun al Rass and Bint Jubeil are still being heavily bombed.



  1. get update · · Reply

    Maroun al Rass and Bint Jubeil are not heavily bombed. They are totally destroyed by air strikes. After killing most of the “elite” Hezbollah terrorists in the village, the IDF pulled out of Bint Jubeil in order to let the airforce destroy the bunkers and tunnels.These villages will be erased from the map of Lebanon. this is the victory Nasrallah is bringing.

  2. I love Munich · · Reply

    What a tragedy – five children and the mother killed – when the father went to buy bread for the family! I feel so sad for him. How will he be able to live on? I can’t even imagine … and he is GOD KNOWS not the only one in this terrible situation!!The nightmare MUST end … but Israel “needs” to finish with a BOOM in order to appear in full strength and control … no consoderation about even MORE civilians who will die!To get update …You might get appropriate TV-comments but don’t you think, Moussa knows better?? HE IS RIGHT THERE AND DOES NOT DEPEND ON ANY MEDIA!!Yea – in erasing you guys are good … that’s sadly enough nothing new!

  3. I love Munich · · Reply


  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Dear Moussa,In our hearts we are with you and here in the US, a sick feeling never leaves my stomach.The sick feeling is that no matter how loudly I protest, I still live in this g-d-forsaken country whose government has gone around the bend.I am nauseous to look at the news. The anger I feel toward the Zionists is overwhelming. The anger I feel toward the US, its benefactor and protector, will never go away.It is beyond humiliating to be a citizen of a country run amok. People are writing the papers here and saying things like “Give war a chance” and bomb Lebanon until there is no living person left, etc. Bush brings out the worst in our most morally depraved denizens.He and Rice are in so far over their heads, it is insane. All I can tell you is that my dreams of Lebanon were ruined many years ago, and to watch helplessly again is opening up wounds I thought long healed.It is a comfort to hear the truth from you, Moussa, and I want you to know that you are in my heart along with everyone else in Lebanon.

  5. Sophia · · Reply

    Dear Moussa,It is important to remind ourselves that we have been through these horrors before, wait and hope. We are reading you and eagerly waiting everyday for a word from you and from Lebanese to tell us that they are coping through this tragedy with the best possible way.Best,Sophia

  6. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    Theland on the eastern side of Alsheikh Mountain, known as the “Shebaa Farms”, which have been occupied by Israel since 1967, this American must agree, should be returned. It has been forty years since the land was taken. It should been returned long ago. Other land taken in 1967 has been returned.Israel has claimed they need the land for defense purposes, but upon examination of the reality that Israel has nuclear weapons, it seems to me that they have the ultimate defense. I am aware that millions of readers and thousands of scholars may disagree with me. I am aware that Israel may disagree with me. I am aware that the President of my own nation may disagree with me — but, the reality is the 1967 war continues to be waged because the 1967 war was never effectively resolved. It’s time to bring all parties and all issues to a just resolution. How much has been destroyed in this conflict, and how many have died, along with any idea of who won is nonsense. The very idea that people continue killing each other and have continued to kill each other for decades and the issues causing the death and destruction have not been resolved in four decades is a black mark on the entire world. The idea that the entire world can not work to bring a lasting peace to the Middle East is simply not acceptable. It is time to set aside old ideas that have not worked in the past and embrace an open-minded view of the problem.

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    I fully agree to the opinion of anonymous ;it is a very very helpless feeling to watch a Nation being destroyed by the very own Leadership of the Country we live in. Troubled

  8. i care · · Reply

    As my fellow Americans write above, I am with them in that I feel so sick to my stomach, paralyzed, like I can’t move forward. My representative called me personally the other day(my inlaws lost their home in Dahiya), I expressed everything in a polite but emotional way. We talked about the extreme suffering of Lebanese. When I read the definition of terrorism and stressed that Israel is committing terrorism, he became silent and said this conversation is no longer productive!! I asked why using the word terror-Israel bothered him. I suggested he educate himself with Human rights watch info, etc. I am dumfounded by the ignorance of officials voting for Israel. It is like they have no heart. It absolutely sickens my heart and soul. Lebanon, please know good people ARE with you. Light will overcome the dark soon I hope.

  9. D.G.A · · Reply


  10. Oliver · · Reply

    This Today is another perfect example of the murder going on against the Lebanese people. And to top it all the Israeli PM Olmert is giving others the blame. I feel with the people of Lebanon and hope that this conflict will end soon. I am sure that most people in my country sympathise with the Lebanese, despite the lack of reaction by our government. From Berlin

  11. Anonymous · · Reply

    I care : I agree ,our country is infected by the word ‘Terrorism ‘ everyone who does not agree with US Policy is automaticly labled as such. By the way the timing for airing the bombing of the Marine HQ was excellent, since perhaps the support of the public for this war is deminishing. USA 2

  12. Anonymous · · Reply

    The only question to ask is: who placed this children at risk? During WWII the English removed the chidren from possible danger, other countries move the children to safety. Hezbollah hides behind this children, makes them victims for their own purpose. As guilty as the one who fired the bomb are the ones who callously placed this inocents at risk. I wonder who is more worthy of scorn; Israel or Hezbollah. Hezbollah knows what they are doing, they are on the ground, they bring their launchers to the areas were more civilians can be hurt, and then revel in the loss of life because it causes distress and provides with a platform for power. Israel is guilty of the deed itself, but the most devious is Hezbollah for their double face actions: “we care we, we are your champions, but we will use you and your children regradless of the consequences to achieve our means” I hope peace comes to your country soon. I dearly hope that all extreme views are repudiated by everybody, and that tolerance and moderation take the day.

  13. Anonymous · · Reply

    Tell me,how can People live when the Roads are gone, Convoys are being bombed , hiding is called hope for Survival my Friend hope for Life. mia

  14. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    JERUSALEM – Israel has agreed to a 48-hour suspension of aerial activity in south Lebanon while it investigates an attack on a Lebanese village that killed a number of children, U.S. State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said Sunday.

  15. Anonymous · · Reply

    Lets hope that all sides honor thismia

  16. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hiding is hope, protecting your future generations is hope, teaching hate and mistruss is losing generations, after generation in the middleast. Some of your religioous figures use the Koran for their on benfit and hide their ambition under the shadow of religion. Intolerance has never allowed any nation to grow, look at history.

  17. fairandbalanced · · Reply

    Very true. When are these Middle East Clerics going to stop teaching hate? I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want the next generation Muslims to have greater educations and economic opportunities, while living in peace! The bottom line is that everyone can pretty much guarantee that if all Muslims came together to eradicate the Islamic militant terrorists and stopped unprovoked attacks on non-Muslim people, these types of issues would stop. Israel, the UK and America don’t teach hate against Muslims in their schools or churches. They don’t mind control their children into thinking that everyone from the Middle East is a demon and not worth living. You don’t see an American Ivy League University holding classes on how to build bombs for kids to strap on, in order to walk into Mosques! Don’t the Muslims around the world see that if they just stopped perpetrating the hate, they can live in peace with all of their global neighbors? You can’t teach hate and killing, then attack a country and complain when they retaliate.

  18. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    Israel Hezballah Ceasfire? I have posted on the Blue Is Beautiful my thoughts about Ms. Rice’s attempts to bring about a lasting ceasefire in Lebanon and shall not repeat the details here. Instead, here I ask about Bint Jubeil. I have seen some film footage from Bint Jubeil and I am struck by the missing items in the photographs. If fighting was “door to door and window to window” as Israel has stated, why do I not see rocket launchers laying in the ruins? Where are the clips from weapons left in the wake of fierce fighting? If this was a street fight inside the city of Bint Jubeil then where are those things one usually sees following fierce fighting? Where are the many spent rounds of arms fire? Have I missed something, or are some facts missing concerning Bint Jubeil? Is all the evidence burried under the bombing ruins?

  19. fairandbalanced · · Reply

    Roxieamerica:The reason you don’t see these items in the pictures you have looked at, is because most of them were probably moved to other civilian areas. You see the Hezbollah fires missiles from within civilian towns only until they need to actually face a real soldier face to face. When they see a real highly trained soldier approaching, they quickly run to the nearest town filled with other women and children. A few brain washed Hezbollah fighters that are actually brave enough to fight like men, stay behind and fight the Israeli troops. However, as is the custom in any military conflict like this, once one side wins a small battle all of the enemy’s small arm weapons like machine guns and grenades are destroyed. This is done in order to prevent rearming of the enemy. In case you have not heard, the missile launchers that Hezbollah uses are mobile.

  20. fairandbalanced · · Reply

    I think what really bothers me as an observer, is the difference between each party’s views with respect to innocent casualties. It clearly shows who the terrorists are. When the Israeli’s accidentally kill innocent civilians, they publicly apologize and mourn for the deaths. You can tell they feel bad about it. When Hezbollah kills innocents, they celebrate in the streets with flags and silly green masks. They act like primitive animals on the streets filled with hatred. When do you see Israeli’s or Americans on the streets wearing masks and celebrating innocent civilian casualties? Never…..

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