Round-up of the Lebanese Blogosphere

This week’s round-up of the Lebanese blogosphere as posted on Global Voices Online:

The war Israel is waging on Lebanon continues to be the focal point of most bloggers in the Lebanese blogosphere. For the third week the posts cover topics such as experiences, expectations and reflections on this situation. This week culminated with the tragic bombing of a shelter in Qana by the Israelis. This incident caused indignation by most bloggers that was reflected in their posts.

Amal as usual expresses her anger and sorrow about the calamity that befell Qana in the following drawing:
Sophie asks in one of her posts: Are Qana’s children screams as they are dying Rice’s “Pangs of Birth” of her New Middle East?

Pierre Tristam writes an article titled: Massacres at Qana, When “Never Again” Needn’t Apply to Lebanon, in which he brings to our attention the massacre at Qana, ten years ago, by the Israelis before giving his analysis of the one that occurred this week.

Dr. Victorino reflected on the incident saying:

Today, in the early hours of the morning, Tzahal’s noble knights rode over Qana
in their shining US-made, US-equipped, and US-paid fighter jets.It was Sunday,
the day of worship in gentile Christian culture.And Qana is the place where this
“weird Jesus cult” started when the beloved King Herod ruled over Israel.

Fouad warned that the seed of hatred and anger sown today will bear dangerous fruits tomorrow:

You fucking idiots, you and your stepfathers in the Land of Opportunity where I
foolishly reside… How inane and morally, emotionally, and politically bankrupt
can you be. Do you really think you can bomb your way out of this? You dare talk
of democracy and freedom when our lives are your dregs, our children your
targets, and the whole world your shooting range? How dare you, you little sorry
episodes of conceited spiteful despicable existence. Go on, keep churning the
ground and sowing the seeds of hatred and anger. For soon the crops will grow,
and it will be time to harvest. And the harvest will be plentiful, and I hope I
will live long enough to see the day.

Images from Qana here and here (not for the faint hearted) as well as images of the reaction of the Lebanese to this incidence were published by the Lebanese Blogger Forum.

Photos of demonstration against the war were published by Z.

Sophia describes her visit last year to Qana

where the famous biblical wedding took place, symbolises the endless suffering
of both Lebanese and Palestinians. Israel knows very well what it is doing by
bombing Qana. It is making sure the wounds will never heal ! But Israel can be
sure that as long as the wounds are open and even when they will heal, if they
will heal one day, there will be no forgiveness to Isarel’s war crimes and to
their immoral backing by Bush, Blair, Rice and Collaborators !

Michael Totten makes the following political observation which he sees is the result of the attack on Qana:

The (second in a decade) attack on Qana that killed scores of civilians has all
but cemented the Lebanese public and Hezbollah together.Cable news reports that
82 percent of Lebanese now support Hezbollah. Prime Minister Fouad Seniora –
whatever his real opinion in private – is now closer to openly supporting
Hezbollah in public than he has ever been.The March 14 Movement (the Cedar
Revolution) is, at best, in a coma if not outright dead.

And in the midst of all this Firas advices us to keep a level head:

Let’s not victimize ourselves. I think that the question is not how we feel
about this or who to blame, but rather what can we do to maintain our existance
as sane, dignified and productive people. We need to keep a level head when we
deal with this, and not lose track of the fact that the IDF’s actions are
providing us with more and more moral clarity about our country’s plight and
unity. We will win the peace by being rational AND by not losing touch with our

Ahmad posts a long list of atrocities and massacres committed by Israel which he says is by no means exclusive.

Abu kais post the entire statement that Human Rights Watch issued blaming the Israeli Defense Force for the civilian death in Qana.

Doha starts from the war going and ends with the shattered dreams and lives of the Lebanese youth, describing how it has affected some of them:

Yet another massacre in Qana. 57 dead among them 27 children…and counting.And if this is the story in the south, then the rest of Lebanon has many shattered
dreams to gather and rebuild.Many bygone and shattered dreams. This is what war
does. Israel’s war on Lebanon has impacted all of Lebanon and all of the
Lebanese.As there are fighters facing up to the Israeli war machine, there are
also youth issuing their passports to head out, head out to the unknown, to save
the day.I’ll recount some stories, close to home.

Mustapha attempts to answer some of the tough moral questions the Lebanese are facing in this post.

Anarchistian blogged on the air strikes during the first 24 hours of the announced 48 hours of air strike cease fire plus the expected shortage of fuel and its repercussions on the daily lives of Lebanese:

The country is almost out of fuel, and we might not have electricity at all in a
week’s time. But life goes on, and we all find ways of adjusting to this “new”
life. First and foremost it reminds us that we take some things for granted and
fail to understand what life without these could be like. When I was in Toronto
in August 2003, a power blackout brought much of the city to a halt, and caused
such widespread panic and chaos. Here in Lebanon we’re not at that level of
taking things for granted, but we are at a rather high level, and things like
these make us think about and be all the more thankful for what we have.

Prof A. A. Khalil received a letter from Israel which states:

I live in Israel and I am a Jew. We don’t all support the policies of Olmert or
the policies of the Labor party either. And many of us grieve for the loss of
lives in Lebanon and Palestine just as deeply as you grieve for those lives. I
am sorry that this is happening to your country and I hope and pray that your
family and friends will be safe and I hope that not one more Palestinian must
die for the crimes of the state, the Israeli state.

Finally EDB posts on hedonistic life style going on elsewhere in Lebanon as the war continues:

I did not hear any news; there were no TVs blasting Al-Manar or even Al Jazeera;
not in homes, not in bars, not at the pool, not at the club. Up there, you
cannot hear the bombs, you do not see the smoke. My only exposure to the outside
world came from a Spanish girl baking in the sun at the side of the pool. She
occasionally retrieved news summaries from her cellphone, careful not to spoil
her freshly manicured nails, and read them out loud: Ooh, Isra-ayl wizdrooh fram
Bint Jbeil…”Followed by, “Ooh, I zink I got sahnbernt. Let’s dreenk Vodka
Toneec. It’s foh o’clock. Heppi hour!”



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    2 many things 2 b sorry about, 2 many mistakes by those politicians of us.there must b another way,for both of us.can’t we agree about living ?r w so stupid to follow our leaders and letting them shape our end ?can’t we loyal to our nations and yet b more loyal to the human spirit ? to the future with out the propagnada ?it is our role 2 think about the day after.w, the common pepole needs to offer ourself a way out of this dark dark future we r being bomb into.this may b the biggest fight ever -the fight for hope.yes, i’m an Israeli that is being atacked by hizballa terror, and yes – i respond by fighting on your land.but i do want the alternative.

  2. God bless Lebanon.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Anonymous I fully agree with you.Both sides are being led by a ring in their nose,it IS time that both sides come to terms,if they worthless leaders cant come to terms ,maybe the people themselfs can set a goal for peace.Soldiers on both sides have families and want to live.neutral,salam, shalom

  4. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    The Israeli Hezballah war is going to won by Hezballah, because Hezballah need only survive to win. Israel has more money, greater weapons and Hezballah has stood against the incoming tide. I would suggest that Queen Noor believes all hope is never lost, and that she believes a just and comprehensive peace can come about by bringing the parties together.Why is the world so against peace? Peace is bringing waring parties together. Hezballah is a waring party. Israel is a waring party. Let them sit down together and discuss the issues. Let other groups and other nations with an interest sit down and discuss the issues. The four decades of war prove that doing things the same same do not yeild any better results. It is time to do something different. It is time to bring all groups into the peace process.

  5. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    It would appear that Tony Blair is beginning to look at the larger picture:,,3-2295292,00.htmlBlair takes Bush to task over failure to deliver on PalestiniansBy Rosemary Bennett in Los Angeles and David Charter Tony Blair is tonight calling for a total rethink of the approach to the Middle East in a speech which admits that military action in Iraq and Afghanistan had alienated moderate Muslims and undermined the War on Terror.The Prime Minister, seeming to break from the tough stance adopted with President Bush four days ago, said that the wider problem of extremism would never be conquered unless there was a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

  6. i care · · Reply

    The anwswer~Deepak Chopra “Peace is the Way”. You can visit website just type in Peace is the way. His book is a great guide that can be acheived. One must sit down with their enemy and respect even if they do not agree. It can be done, it is up to us individuals to begin and start speaking out. Deepak set the spark, others need to start the flame.

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    Well said!‘There was the Israeli Soldier who wanted a 3 day pass..The Co said no pass unless you bring me a arab tank..24 hours later the soldier came back with a captured arab tank..The CO was very surprised,how did you do this? Soldier replied I went to the border with a white flag, ask the first arab tankdriver if he too needed a 3 day pass and we switched tanks’ hope someday–perhaps— neutral

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