Bridges et al

Yesterday I went to Halat (to the north of Beirut) to check on some friends. On my way back, while passing by Casino du Liban, one of the bridges connecting Jounieh with the north of Lebanon became visible. For an instant I thought oouff this is still standing. I thought of the other bridges I crossed over from Beirut to Halat and back. I got worried but I just shrugged it off. No way will these bridges be hit. Casino du Liban, Halat, Jounieh, Ghazir are all under the protection of “The Lady of Harissa” and “the Deman” the seat of Cardinal Nassrallah Sfeir, Patriarch of the Christian Maronites in Lebanon. I looked up and there was “the Lady” and “the seat” up the mountain looking down at me crossing through Jounieh.

I said to myself, man, up there must be the safest place in Lebanon today.
They won’t dare bomb there or down here for that matter.

I was wrong. Four of the bridges I crossed yesterday were destroyed last night. Halat bridge, Ghazir Bridge, Casino du Liban Bridge and Fidar Bridge. Fiber optics cables, electric cables and telephone connections were cut. Five died and many were injured. Near the Fidar Bridge is a school housing some of the displaced. Bombing reached to Afqa and Faraya. For those who know Lebanon these are tourist resorts way up in the mountains. People ski there. They are in the heartland of the Christian Maronite of Lebanon.

And I should be convinced that they are after ummm, what are the Israelis after, pray tell?

“Halat Hatman”
I had a sudden feeling of danger while going to Halat in the morning when I crossed two trucks carrying goods. The Israelis bomb trucks too. But then I said naahhhh. I am in Jounieh.
Does anybody remember Samir Ja’Ja’s dream of building an airport in Halat. Halat “hatman” was the slogan. LBC had this piece where a pigeon would land in the to be airport while sounding like a jet plane. “Hatman” meaning “by all means”.

“Row Boats”
A warehouse in Ouzai, in the Southern Suburbs, storing relief supplies was totally destroyed last night too. The fishermen port and their boats nearby are gone too. A soldier on duty in the port died.

The commando mission in Baalback to capture Hassan Nassrallah failed. The wrong man was captured and 18 were killed 7 of them children. If we add up all the children killed from the beginning of the war would the number then qualify as a massacre?

Nisreen Salloum’s water broke. She was about to deliver her baby. The van carrying her to the hospital was hit. She and her baby died. She did not have time to experience the blessed “pangs of Rice”.

A massacre just took place in the village of Ka’ in Bekaa. 32 farm workers were killed.



  1. Sophia · · Reply

    ”Glued to the monitors that display live pictures from these irritating machines, Israel’s targeteers behold a fearsome picture. Whether it touches their consciences I do not know, but what unfolds before them is a tableau of massive devastation. Forget, for a moment, the columns of cars with refugees streaming north. Ignore, if you will, the corpses rotting in the open. Just concentrate on the physical inventory – roads disfigured by bomb craters, towns made uninhabitable, shopping parades gutted, houses collapsed like souffles gone horribly wrong.”From Jonathan Steele, The Guardian, August 4thI wonder what they will be bombing soon ? Because if this is their only strategy, they are going to run out of buildings and bridges to bomb !

  2. Anarchistian · · Reply

    Wow. Be careful! I haven’t been moving around much, there are drones all over the place here in Rabieh and surroundings… I’m guessing here isn’t safe either…Yeah, I was thinking about the “Halat Hatman” today!

  3. Anarchistian · · Reply

    Wow. Be careful! I haven’t been moving around much, there are drones all over the place here in Rabieh and surroundings… I’m guessing here isn’t safe either…Yeah, I was thinking about the “Halat Hatman” today!

  4. Anarchistian · · Reply

    Damn… sorry for the double post.. something wrong with my internet…

  5. the perpetual refugee · · Reply

    No Bachir. All the deaths don’t constitute a massacre. Or at least that’s what all the hate mail I’m receiving is trying to convince me to believe.‘how dare you say the word holocaust’ Mr. Refugee.‘I hardly think 900 dead is considered a genocide’ Mr. Refugee.’32 dead with one bomb. Farmers? That’s not a massacre’ Mr. Refugee.I guess they won’t be happy till we’re all dead. Then there will be noone left to claim it was a genocide. massacre. holocaust.

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