Chávez is dah man



  1. viva el comandante hugo, our greatest Arab leader

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Chavez is a socialist who is Iran’s new friend. Chavez supports Irans arming Hezbollah to wage war on the Israel and its civilian population and in doing so they (Hezbollah with Iran’s direction) don’t give a damn about their own Lebanese Shia population let alone the rest of the population of Lebanon whom they deem infidels.The West is going to really get serious about waging war against Islamic fascists and wage all out war on them, particularly Iran, and on their friends as well such as “dah man” Chavex.Teheran wants a nuke and the U.S. should give them one!Levi,Tampa, FL

  3. Radikalist Revelations · · Reply

    Levi, I admire your undying faith in US power and influence. After all, what else would one expect from a shylock? However, I am very curious to ask: by “the west” who do you mean? Because besides the UK (which is now next in line for de-americanization), the US has no allies in its “war on terrorism” or “Islamic fascists”. Israel has proved to be worthless on the battlefield against Hizbullah, let alone the entire Islamic Republic of Iran which would crush it like a bug within a couple of hours. So who’s going to give them a nuke? the US of A ? with what army? the beat up one dying to get out of Iraq? Ahh hope, what a beautiful thing.

  4. Dr Victorino de la Vega · · Reply

    Yeah…Hugo rules!Putting aside his antiquated thirdworldist ‘faults’ (real or imagined by Wa$hington), one has to recognize the man has style.And perfectly shaped, high-caliber < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>cojones!<><>Unlike say obese Wahhabi Bedouins who like to tell their master < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>« Thank you Sahib President Bushmert, may Allah bless you and your loved ones»<> <> while the “adventurous” children of Tyr die every day before their very eyes<>…<>

  5. El comandante Hugo is a strong managainst imperialism yank and the zionism nazi.Long life Hugo Chaves and Hezbollah.

  6. I love Munich · · Reply

    At least he doesn’t only talk … like most others!!

  7. khadijah · · Reply

    He kicks ass !!!! LOVE HIM !

  8. Dr Victorino de la Vega · · Reply

    Interesting article in < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>« The Forward », <><> America’s oldest Zionist newspaper (originally published in Yiddish in the 19th century…).It seems the radical Neocon wing of the Bush regime is adamant on regime change in Syria and Iran…while moderates within the Israeli government itself (including defense minister Armand-Amir Peretz) would prefer to pursue a more peaceful path!Under those circumstances, it’s hard to believe the US administration and its Haririst and March 14 stooges are sincere about “stopping the violence in the Middle-East” …

  9. Radikalist Revelations · · Reply

    What can I say, balls are a rare posession these days. Looks like the “axis of evil” is getting bigger and bigger. Uncle Sam is starting to serisously freak out. If only Che was alive to see this, he would have been proud.

  10. Oliver · · Reply

    I think the West, as you like to call them Levi, are all more than desperate to find a way to get out of this bond with the USA. The EAGLE is about to be shot. Every time the USA start to pick on a country, like Iraq for example, the White House tries to get every other nation it has ever done a so called favour involved too. Only the citizens of these countries are all the more getting their governments to keep out of trouble. See Germany during the invasion of Iraq. The USA still has to learn the lesson that most have learned hundreds of years ago. You can’t convince anyone by threatening to cut of their head. It didn’t work in religious attempts a thousand years ago and it won’t work for democracy today.

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