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A Hezbollah Upon All of Thee!

This article contains “very powerful stuff”.
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  1. a h m a d · · Reply

    A very interesting analysis. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Once Hezbollah conquers Israel, they can concentrate on killing the Infidels within Lebanon! Very interesting that THEY are the only ones who are not disarmed. They have the militant Islammic fascists of Iran to back them. It is a shame that Islam has ruined such a beautiful former Christian influenced country.If YOU are non-Muslim, you better pray that Israel and the West wins this war against Islamic fascists. If not, be prepared to convert to Islam or die one day. In Aljazeera today, it is reported that 600 South Koreans were expelled for preaching the gospel in Afghanistan. An Afghan convert had to flee to Italy to avoid death by the Islamic fascists. Go read the article at Aljazerra. It is usually filled with lies and half-truths, but I believe that article.If Islam has its way Lebanon, be prepared to convert and quote the Quran or die.I wonder after the end of the war (or during) if Hezbollah, who is armed, will throw all you infidels (non-muslims), out of your homes for their people? Hey they are smart. Only they were not disarmed and perhaps Nasaralla will one day be your leader…God forbid. Nasarella has no problems using Lebanese civillians as shield and the Lebanese people as hostage to support his selfish Islamic fanatic aspirations. Damn Nasarella.Just thinking outloud from a non-jew Christian in the U.S., who is saddened by the death of any innocent civillian, but wholeheartedly supports Israel against Hezbollah. If the West should lose this battle and the war against Islamic fascists, then God have mercy on all of us, including Lebanese non-Muslims as well. It is only a matter of time until the Islamic fascists deals with the infidels in Lebanon.God Bless Lebanon and Israel who are both in my prayers and may Israel win this war. I am mad that the West has yet to make Iran pay for this carnage in Lebanon caused by Iran through its proxy Hezbollah. Israel has a right to live in peace…Hezbollah and the PLO before them would not let Israel do so. LeviTampa, FL USA

  3. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    Dear Levi,I believe Christians also have a history of killing off unbelievers, so why would an Islamic State wish to have them in their Nation. They came from another nation, not from within Afganistan. Isn’t this Christanity exporting it’s life-style on Islamic people. Doesn’t the Nation of Afganistan have the right to set their own laws concerning religion? If not, are you not advocating that Christanity should dominate Islam, and isn’t that the same thing you are speaking against?

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Good analogy, roxieamerica!

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    I agree too!The christian religion has a very bloody past,and is still conquering ,burning ‘converting’,and yet the ‘civilizied’world speaks against Islam ;what a contradiction.rave

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