Chiah Shelled for the First Time

A residential building in Chiah (Shiah) was bombed earlier this evening. It collapsed totally. There were civilians staying there. This is the first time that Chiah was bombed during this war. Most of the residents of Chiah did not evacuate. In fact displaced civilians from other areas are accommodated in Chiah. Chiah is the first residential area that one reaches after leaving the center of Beirut to the Southern Suburbs. The building collapsed and many buildings and civilians were killed and hurt. Tomorrow we will know the count. The numbers will be large. Other residents are moving out and taking refuge in the small green space of the Sanayeh in Beirut which is already over crowded. Chiah (Hijaj Street) was hit without warning. It has nothing to do with Hezbollah. I called three families I know who live there. They are fine. In Lebanon we do not count victims of shock and trauma!
Homes of civilians in the villages of Ghassania in the South, Brital and Shmistar in the Bekaa were bombed with their civilian residents still in it. Rescue is still going on. The numbers are expected to be large.
Tomorrow the horrible numbers will be known.
Dare I say a massacre was committed today?
Israel has not accomplished any of its declared goals for this war. It is venting its frustration.



  1. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    Bashir, my heart goes out to you, and to the civilians of Lebanon. The continued death of civilians is a direct result of the UN and world leaders unwillingness to bring all parties to the peace table and develope a peace plan that all parties are able to agree upon. Please continue to keep other informed, and please continue to keep yourself and your family safe.

  2. I love Munich · · Reply

    Moussa, is this the building Prime Minister Siniora said after correcting himself, “only” one person was killed? First we heard a number above fourty at least – and afterwards came the correction – “only” one – all the tother had made it out in time!When will this nightmare stop?? 26th day … and 26 days too long!!How’s your wife? Hadi-Aram?STAY SAFE GUYS – WE LOVE YOU ALL!!

  3. “In Lebanon we do not count victims of shock and trauma!”eh walla mazbout ya bashir..

  4. Dr Victorino de la Vega · · Reply

    « <> Dare I say a massacre was committed today? Israel has not accomplished any of its declared goals for this war <> » [Moussa Bashir, Lebanese resistant]« <> “Freedom’s untidy, and free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things…Stuff happens<> » [Donald Rumsfeld, German war criminal] Reading MB’s luminous prose, I remembered the ancient words of wisdom of Thomas of Naj’ Hammâdi, the greatest writer the Middle-East ever produced. Thomas the “Gnostic” poet is a GREAT MAN, precisely because he has no preconceived “agenda”.No manufactured marketing motto.No smart tag-line designed to sell anything.Thomas will never be a “Neocon Demiurge” or a “Wahhabi Jihadist” precisely because he is pure human sincerity at work (that entails a certain amount of “critical negativity”…without which men become soulless machines). Which is precisely what makes the man terribly touching, and eloquently desperate…And hence burningly sensible. He is the < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>“Underground Man”<><> 1800 years before Dostoyevsky’s anti-hero.We owe him much much more than many people think.<> Thomas is a free man. He is everything we have left in a shattered world run by thieves and tyrants. <>His glorious ghost stands next to < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>Travis Bickle <><> and murmurs feverishly in his ear <>“I think someone should just take this city and just… just flush it down the fuckin’ toilet.”<><> Thomas stands in the midst of the wreckage in Beirut, right after the latest round of Israeli bombardments and says: « <> Grapes are not harvested from thorn trees, nor are figs gathered from thorn bushes, for those do not bear fruit. Good people produce good from their store. Evil people produce wicked things from their evil store within their hearts, and say wicked things. For out of the heart’s abundance they produce wicked things. <> <>

  5. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    The Lebanse government proposals as for:– an unconditional ceasefire,– a prisoner swap between Israel and Hezbollah, – the deployment of regular Lebanese army troops in southern Lebanon,– boosting the UN peacekeeping force in the area,– demarcation of the definitive borders of Lebanon including the re-incorporation of the Shebaa Farms, Lebanese territory under Israeli occupation,– provision by Israel of maps indicating minefields left by the Israelis during their occupation of southern Lebanon(1978-2000).

  6. Sophia · · Reply

    Israel will not be able to destroy Hezbollah but it is destroying Lebanon ! It is acting like a violent man who comes home to beat his wife and not finding her he beats the children !

  7. bashir · · Reply

    Karin:No this is NOT the building that Sanioura mentioned. That one was in the village of Houla. This building is here in Chiah, Beirut, about 5 km from where I am staying. We heard the explosion loud and clear.15 dead till now and the search continues.

  8. I love Munich · · Reply

    OH GOD … what a nightmare! I don’t know what to say anymore … what can one say to that?? There no words …My prayers are with the murdered …STAY SAFE GUYS!!

  9. Anonymous · · Reply

    I love munich:Then why don’t you not say anything anymore and much of us a big favor. De facto support of Hezbollah is no shining position. You see nothing beyond what your own prejudice. You see no distinction between Israel defending itself and being forced to find its enemy who purposely hides behind woman and children, and that enemy that completely and discriminately fires into innocent civilians. You and Ur Shalim can not be reasoned with. You are slanted and incapable of assessing why the Lebonese are dying.

  10. Anonymous · · Reply

    However, Munich, I want to say that you exquisite taste in music!

  11. Anonymous · · Reply

    Anonymous : it seems that you are not able to see the difference between a well oiled Us sponsered war mashine and People who defend their homeland… eh!If Israel would follow the rules it would not have to look for anyone..Why is Israel always portrayed as the victim,when in reality it IS the oppressor. WOULD YOU NOT AGREE THAT BASED ON hISTORY IT SHOULD BE A NATION OF COMPaSSION.mia

  12. Anonymous · · Reply

    Israel left Gaza. It means NOTHING to you. Israel drops thousands of leaflets telling people to LEAVE, that harm is coming. This means NOTHING to you. Israel doesn’t kidnap soldiers or citizens and return them without their heads. This means NOTHING to you. Israel is forced to defend itself by fighting an enemy that hides behind civilians. This means NOTHING to you. Israel could carpet bomb the towns into complete oblivion instead of seeing its soldiers die. It doesn’t. It uses its armies as well as air strikes in order to at least try to limit civilian deaths. Start looking at the situation with the head of an educated and open human being.Israel is not perfect, no. But everytime Israel makes a concession, they are taken advantage of because their enemy wants them off the face of the Earth. You don’t see this. You are ignorant and unwilling.Remember how this episode began, and ask yourself (yourselves) how easily…yes EASILY…this all could have been avoided if Hezbollah would have just minded their own business and let the Israeli’s alone. Their soldiers are brainwashed. They are taught from day one…hate the Jews, hate Israel. Israel doesn’t preach and teach hate to its young. It’s not a perfect State…but it at least conducts itself with a modicum of civility. Draw the real distinctions. They do exist. You don’t have to love the Jews or even like the Jews. But when you can put yourselves in their position, and imagine what you would want their government to do if your family lived their….you would sing a different song. Many of you know the truth. But your prejudice won’t let you say it. To be 100% against Israel with no sympathy for their situation is cowardly. Even as a strong supporter of Israel, I can admit that they have made some poor tactical decisions and errors. You give them credit for nothing but refuse admit that they are light years ahead of the Hezbollah in the categories mentioned above. Take an intelligent stance if you’re going to take one at all. If you want change, then speak with historical accuracy…don’t just show pictures of dead babies. Had Hezbollah had a goal for themselves besides the destruction of Israel….those babies would be alive. If you really care…any of you…all of you…assess blame anywhere and everywhere it belongs. Learn to think for yourselves.

  13. Anonymous · · Reply

    Israel should never have been in Gaza in the first place.As for the leaflets, how can one leave when there is bombing? no good roads? no bridges? you have a nice sense of humor. Furthermore if Hezballah would have weapons equal to Israel ,would it not be a totally different story? perhaps you need to see both sides. I have seen war before,but this is slaughter , not war or self defense anymore. Israel is not the innocent victim it likes the world to think. Judism is good,but Zionism is not and I do know the difference. Been there

  14. Anonymous · · Reply

    First, I suggest you read this historical quote and fact regarding Gaza:“In 1956 Israel conquered the Gaza Strip in retaliation for Egypt’s actions in nationalizing the Suez Canal and closing off shipping routes to Israel. But Israel relinquished the territory soon afterward under international pressure. During the next decade, Egypt used the Gaza Strip as a staging area for terrorist attacks against Israel. This contributed to the outbreak of the Six-Day War of 1967, in which Israel occupied the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights.”Once again, it’s all Israel though, isn’t it? They simply aren’t entitled to exist. Perfect? No. But most often they mind their own business and just want to have a State of their own after the slaughter of their people by nazis. You don’t get any of that. None of you who support Hezbollah get that…because you don’t want to.Second, dropping leaflets doesn’t require a sense of humor. Wise-up. It doesn’t guarantee safe passage for anybody either. There is a war going on and Israeli’s have been imposed upon once again to defend themselves. The fact that they DO drop leaflets and that it affectuates the escape of MANY civilians, shows an interest in saving lives that their enemy has no interest in. They were brought up to hate and kill…it’s no surprise.Back to Gaza: When Israel gave it up, amidst crying citizens that were losing their homes, you would have thougth that the Palestinians would’ve been happy. But no. Never happy. Why? Because Israel still exists. So what to do? Send little rockets into Israel from Gaza. Kidnap Israeli’s and cut off their heads. Watch the perpetrators gloat and the citizens cheer in the street. That’s what happens when you are taught (indoctrinated) to hate and kill from your earliest days). Did I mention the suicide bombers who don’t like filled up busses of people who just want to go to work or buy a pizza? You don’t get it and you do the dead babies of Lebanon no good by not seeing the Israeli perspective. Israel CAN do harm and is not always “innocent” No one rightfully disputes it. It’s a dirty game and everybody loses their soul a little bit. But think…had Hezbollah not STARTED A CONFLICT in peace time, all those babies would be alive and well. Good God man, assess blame where it belongs…understand that Hezbollah WANTS to fight and is not happy without hate and death. It’s an IDEAL. It’s their ideal…it doesn’t have to be anybody elses.You asked if Hezbollah had equal weapons, would it be a different story. That’s an excellent question. YES. Because they have STATED that they want the destruction,the annihilation of Israel and it’s citizens. While Israel DOES NOT unleash its horde of aerial bombs (carpet-bombing), its enemy would have no compunction about doing so if it could. How do we know? HOW?? Look at how it fights now. Completely unguided missiles aimes at populations, no military strategic goal in mind except terror, killing SPECIFICALLY civilians. If they would do this, they would do ANYTHING to win.I will, however, concede this point..As much as Israel has a right to defend itself and punish its enemy, we all know the role of Iran in pushing hezbollah and ordering hezbollah to do its bidding. While it would cast even more unpopularity upon Israel, and make the mid-east an even more volatile and deadly place, I believe that Israel should have given warning to Iran long ago that if it doesn’t call off the Hezbollah attack, that Israel will unleash a torrent on Iran that is non-pareil. That gets to the source of the problem, and also would relinquish the WORLD from Iran’s nuclear ability for about ten years. It would also bring more hatred to Israel.My personal feeling is that Israel does not go this route because they now have an opportunity to at least try to wipe out Hezbollah (killer of U.S. Marines by the hundred, loves by everybody…no?).Either way you look at it, Israel must defend itself to exist. The blame for the babies..the most innocent of all, lies squarely with Hezbollah and Iran. Both need to care more about those babies and less about the destruction of Israel and the continuation of their hateful and deadly ideals.

  15. Anonymous · · Reply

    At this moment it is pointless to discuss who started what and why, to much Human suffering takes place ,so stop this political nonsense a plan for peace in on order asap.It seems that you never seen the face of war other then on the tele,and again this is SLAUGHTER NOT WAR.BEEN THERE

  16. Anonymous · · Reply

    Anonymous from Israel (presumably) says Hizb’Allah hides behind civilians. So do the IDF – I heard a BBC report revealing that the town near the north border, Kiriat Shemona was ‘full of army’ during this conflict.

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