Can’t Think of a Title

60 dead
200 injured (injured meaning really cut, real loss of body parts)
The number of the dead in the Chiah massacre is 15 so far. The search for survivors continues.

PM Sanyoura wept while Arab foreign ministers watched. Foreign ministers were sent to Beirut immediately after the Arab leaders, who are furious because the bridge of Casino du Liban was brought down, thought it was time to take action. 26 days into the war. Better late than never?

This morning:
Olmert is on TV almost sobbing (someone please hand him a tissue) as he describes the agony that the settlers are enduring while spending their days and nights in their shelters. They are only getting a few hours of sun and fresh air daily.



  1. a shining man… … he knows as to prevent the war “, it is an old saying, I do not know of who it is the authorship, he does not interest for the case. If still shining men in this planet to exist, ask for im that they arrive á front, today, now, for our health…The bombs of Beirute for Israel sponsored for U.S.A. in the Average East, that currently is characterized for three distinct theaters of war (Afeganistan, Palestine and Iraq) can be extended to all the Average region East – Central Asia. Since 2004, U.S.A., concrete Israel and Turkey has formulated plain of war involving aerial attacks the nuclear small farms in Irão. Teerão confirmed that it will retaliate will have been attacked, in the form of attacks of directed ballistic missiles against Israel. These attacks also could whiten American military installations in Iraq and the Persian Gulf, what immediately it would lead to a scene of military scaling and the general war. This could seem counted broadbeans, if it did not have a small great detail… Russia and China! The intentions of the American administration are to militarily control economic and the Average East and the zone of the Cáspio. Disliked with this, Russia and China had formed the Group of Xangai in 2001 and have led to practical the joint military exercises. The 15 of June, the Group of Xangai invited Irão in the quality of observation. The problem is transferred is that Russian and Chinese they do not want to have American bases to its doors and to all control 70% of the gas and oil of the planet…

  2. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    Sadly, the Middle East policy of “We do not negotiate with ‘terrorists’ has not only failed to bring a lasting peace, but it has also created a negative label that can be applied to people. Once labels are imposed on classes and groups of people it creates an enviroment whereby those people may be considered lesser-people. It is time to follow the lead of the Arab League. They are more willing to consider the complex issues that will impact their portion of the world. It is time to give the Bush plan which I call the my-way or highway plan the boot. It is time of Israel to return ALL land and provide land mine maps. It is time for Israel to resolve decades old issues and release prisioners of war they continue to hold, and they are prisioners of war as war has waged for decades. It is time of the Arab World to reach out in peace, and set aside destructive suicide bombings of civilians, and condemn groups and nations that engage in such activities. It is time, not for a NEW Middle East, but for a new beginning toward a fair just and final peace.

  3. I love Munich · · Reply

    What a terrible nightmare – I am so sorry for these people!You say better late than never – in my eyes they ALL disqualified themselves through their deafening silence and lack of ANY action to at least achieve a cease-fire MUCH earlier! Did it have to take THAT long for them all to all of a sudden show up?? How many lives, how many children, babies, could have saved, had they moved their b**** a bit, a LOT earlier??As to Olmert … my good education prevents me here and now from saying what is awfully burning on my tongue … !!STAY SAFE GUYS – WE’RE WITH YOU!!

  4. i care · · Reply

    My fellow Americans, how many Americans are fighting with the IDF? How can this be? When my husband took his citizenship, he vowed never to fight for another country. I think it should be discussed. On Larry King Live, an American born, living in Washington DC plans to Isreal and fight this situation just as he has in the past. Something is very wrong with this picture, the amount of Americans fighting with the IDF is very disturbing. Why then can my husband not return just to help his homeland by serving with the Lebanese Army? Hmmm. Today, Olmart states Sinuira should quit crying! I am so sickened by the cold callousness of the Isreali robots. Just sickening to be an American today. God Bless Lebanon, may Gods white light shine brightly over Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq.

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    ..and I agreemad in usa

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    These hardcore Politicians of Israel/USA make me sick ,are they taking joy in their mission to destroy life and dwell on others misery what a poor excuse for human beings claim to be good christians/jews I dont think so!May they all spend some time in Libanon or go straight to hell. Kara

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