Mission Accomplished

“[…]reporters travelling along the border road on Saturday found few signs of an Israeli presence, let alone success. People in only one village had seen Israeli troops recently. Elsewhere, there was evidence of Israeli failures: burnt-out or crippled tanks. Despite the message of success Israel’s generals and politicians are giving their public, the reality on the ground appeared mixed.”

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[Something is wrong with blogger or with my connection, it is taking forever to upload a few photos, will do that later]



  1. Sophia · · Reply

    Moussa,It happened to me also with the photos not long ago and I was tired trying.This is what i did to resoleve the problem:I downloaded PicasaI put the images i want to send on the blog on PicasaYou can blog the images directlu from Picasa to blogger with a commentary.So instead of writing a post and uploading an image you will end up tranferring images from Picasa with a commentary, which is all the same.I don’t know if you have right now enough internet time to download Picasa.Take care,Sophia

  2. bashir · · Reply

    Thanks Sophia,I have used Picasa before. I will try and use it again. I will just have to find a way to download it and that shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

  3. I love Munich · · Reply

    We get completely different information over here – nobody talks about Israelis losing out or going only for limited gains! That’s interesting indeed …About blogspot – I had trouble as well! It did work eventually though!STAY SAFE GUYS!!

  4. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    Hello Bashir,This is a purely personal post, not a political statement. For the first time in conflict I fear for your safety. Major General Moshe Kaplinsky has been put in over-all command of the Israeli Army according to news sources. One CNN reporter reporter gave an vague indication of “something” in the works – my words not his. The French and USA have split on the UN issues. Irael is considering if it should step-up the war. Sadly, there is no very likely no way you could leave now if you wished to leave. Travel is dangerous, if you can find a way to travel and if you find a road to travel on. Please try to keep in touch even if it gets more difficult in the coming days.I know, I sound like doom and gloom, and I am so sorry, but unless something changes I have a feeling this war is going to get larger before it becomes peaceful. I hope my fear is unfounded and that I’m all wrong.

  5. Monty · · Reply

    Israel has never really embraced the concept of peace in the region. They feel much more confortable being viewed as a military threat and a dominate presence in order to get their way. Having enemies allows them the excuse to be a dominate threat, but being a dominate threat and acting that way, of course, breeds more enemies, which gives Israel the excuse to continue to be a dominate threat.They don’t care what the future holds, only that they have their way now. However, being a “dominate threat” is not working as well. Like the US in Iraq, they thought they could wrap up this Hezbollah mess in short order. There was no well-thought out plan for a longer engagement; they are being messy in their military planning and, therefore, not as dominate — just a threat. So, I am sure they will be less and less successful in their battles, and more indiscriminate in their execution.

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    Dear Moussa,Again, another day to read your blog is a consolation to my heart.Regrettably, I concur with the worries expressed by Roxie.My suspicions are more intuitive than based on any one factor, but I would agree that for the sake of your life, I would try and find somewhere likely to be safer.It concerned me that the Zionists are bombing areas known to be Christian in Beirut, and my opinion is that they are working out their frustration at not being able in any way to stop the Katyushas from Hezbollah.Please, whatever you do, please take care of yourself. We all want you to survive this conflict and while I do not know you and likely may never meet you, I still do care, as do others who post here.

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    My prayers to all of you in Libanon I feel so much pain for you ,please try to stay safe. Salammad in usa

  8. i care · · Reply

    Dear Bashir, I agree with others, I am very nervous with the Israeli forces change. On the IDF website, #1 mission ~ they will never lose a war. Isreal is frustrated, their weakness has been revealed to the world and they might fight tougher. Please forgive me for saying this, I only want you to be safe. I worry for my inlaws staying above Beirut. They are very nervous. I have cried all day and feel paralyzed. I feel I am not even American anymore ~ my values do not match what the majority support. I am truely ashamed. Please keep blogging, you bring solace to many outside of Lebanon. I want to help with Mercy Corps. I feel so helpless as I watch. I visited Lebanon and their generousity stole my heart, a heart that hurts so deep now for something I have no control over. Stay safe.

  9. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thanks for your concern people.It means a lot to us.We will try to stay safe.

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