Chiah… Who is the Terrorist?

The political views of the people of Chiah up till the night before last was either a don’t care attitude (as long as they can buy their beer and arak from their Christian neighbours in Ain Al Roummani) or they support Amal movement of Berri.
The night before the last, IDF/IOF/IF bombed a “terrorist” target in Chiah. A building sheltering displaced families. Today the people of Chiah chant their support for Nassrallah and Hezbollah. Today the children, women and men of Chiah shout out loud that they will never kneel in front of Israel.

I can not show all the photos from the massacre in Chiah. But these are a few from Assafir. Pictures of Manal and Hadi and others.
Waad (Arabic for promise) Wehbe (photo not below) was two weeks old. Her parents were forced to leave South Lebanon and seek shelter in Chiah. Waad did not get the chance to to know the scent of orange blossoms in the Southern Lebanese breeze. Her life was cut short by the morally superior Israeli army kindly helping us to become part of the civilized world.

Update: 36 were buried yesterday. 5 missing presumed dead. 60 injured. (The original figures, 56 dead and 50 injured were from Assafir, but no other source confirmed)



  1. ya haram =( so sad…

  2. the perpetual refugee · · Reply

    Bashir, they are the terrorists.They know it.We know it.The problem is the world doesn’t want to know it.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    refugee I agree; the world is in denial but some of us know the truth. mad in usa

  4. I love Munich · · Reply

    Oh my God .. oh my God!! That tears my heart to pieces … words are failing me.perpetual refugee .. 110%correct!!

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    This is lower than low. None of these photos are of a baby two weeks old.They are, however, heart wretching, children caught in an angry world. These are very sad photos.I think photos should be shown to the world, but I think accurate captions and accurate photos should be shown. Not one person in these photos is a two week old baby. All the baby’s in the photos are much older than that.If this is the type of propaganda you are going to display, then I can no longer believe anything you write. You are a liar.Your brother must be a photographer for Reuters.When will people learn? You get caught. After this type of propandga gets out, then the Lebanese suffering will be ignored because people won’t believe them.I wish my family could get out of Lebanon. Unfortunately, they are part of the innocents trapped.

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    I am sitting and waiting, when the Lebanese people’s patience will be over. I am fallowing this conflict from the beginning and all I see is civilian death and destruction of properties. Of course like all the blogers in here I also wroth my opinion on this war which was about peace but now I think it is the time the people of Lebanon to weak up. The thing is that almost all Lebanese think that democracy is going to help them. Let me tell you this, if Israel was or is thinking that way they would not have the strongest army in ME and now wouldn’t destroy your homes and people. They call it self defense! I am wandering until when the Lebanon is going to play democracy? I am sure if they don’t defend themselves, the Lebanon would be one of the Israelis state soon. You must understand that crying did not and will not help you unless you have some powerful allies. Take a look on the history: all the genocides that happen the world was always in position of watching. I guess Israel got this! I decided not to write any more of this nonsense and I just want to say LEBANESE DEFEND YOUR SELF OTHER WISE NO ONE WOULD DO IT FOR YOU!Outsider

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    Outsider – It is at times like this that reality is ugly.Frankly, I wish Sharon (sp) was still in office instead of a coma. Honestly, I don’t think this comflict would be at this escalated level.The Israeli leaders have been waiting for an opportunity like this for a land grab. Look at History. This is not the first time and unfortunately not the last time.When I visited Israel, I found the people to be so arragonant and rude. After I was there for a day, my thoughts were, they bring a lot of anger and hate upon themselves. I don’t normally think like that.They have their own agenda. They feel like they have the right to slaughter people with no remorse. They hide behind the “God’s Choosen People” saying. They always lose, they like losing. They lose because they are too stupid, or arrogant, to realize when they have already lost.Think about it folks. They have lost a couple of hundred of their own people, all for the lives of 2 soldiers. If Israel was a business, it would be out of business with stupid decisions steming from stupid leadership.

  8. Anonymous · · Reply want you to see what is happening in the Midwest of the US. For taking 2 steps forward, we end up going 3 back due to “hurt feelings” Why do we have to be so “pc”(politcally correct) inorder to get heard? It was a great effort of the church…..

  9. Anonymous · · Reply

    And, the point is???If you are trying to make some type of comparison using a peace gathering to anything that exist in the Middle East, you must be living on Mars.Even in peace times, there is no comparison. There just is not a comparison between ANY US city and the Middle East.Senseless comment.

  10. Anonymous · · Reply

    Why dont people get the kids out of the war area? These kids keep getting killed because they are in a place that the IDF will bomb. Better children alive in the woods eating berries than bombed in the cities. The war is not a good thing, but it is reality and it is a war. I cant blame the IDF alone – they are in a war. Why dont the parents of the kids get them out of the war zone?

  11. Bashir · · Reply

    anonymous 8/10/2006 @ 2:31,I will go out of my way and answer an anonymous comment,u r time when babies are killed I will be more careful with the captions.none of the photos is of Waad Wehbe (2 weeks old). these photos are without captions.difficult to organize and write captions below each photo when you have limited internet connection and are being brother is not a photographer at reuters. These photos are from Assafir. my friends and relatives live in Chiah. they were hurt.I know some of the families do not really show the horror. I invite u to come and see for ur self.Chiah was a safe place where they took their children to protect them.Whether I put captions on the photos or not, whether those killed were 10 or hundred does it really matter.In Qana 28 were pulled from under the rubbles by the red cross, but 14 are still missing, do you think they went on a picnic?I am not displaying propaganda. I am showing my pain and anger. do u understand? I doubt!If I am a liar then your are a heartless nazi bigot who could not know the truth even if it slapped you in the face.

  12. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    Bashir has not been a propgandist. While some rush to be critical of what he posts, those people may not have lived as a civilian in a war zone. Their city may not have been bombed. They may have never spent a day in the Middle East. Perhaps they have never met anyone from the Middle East. Given such circumstances, their view of the Middle East is seen through the view of a limited information lense.The pictures Bashir posted are posted as pictures. In the Middle East such pictures are not out of the ordinary. The are the norm, not the exception within the mainstream media. One might argue the willingness to show such pictures is more honest than media outlets that are not willing to show such pictures. It is very much a cultural thing, not a propganda thing. A war is raging in Bashir’s nation. The war is real. The death is real. He is reporting first-hand lay-person information from the area. The view of even Hezbollah is different in the Middle East than it is in America and Israel. The UN has REFUSED to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist group. It does not fit the international definition. Hezbollah was birthed as a movement resistant to occupation of the country. Which lense a person chooses to view Hizbollah is their choice. It is clear there is room to argue the case either way. There is no doubt that Israeli bombs have killed civilians, and even babies. There is not doubt Hezbollah rockets have killed civilians and babies. Such is the nation of war. Two-thirds of WWII deaths were civilian. The only way to completely prevent civilian deaths in war is the prevent war. The USA killed civilians in the Iraq war. Again, this is the sad nature of war, and a reason to prevent war.

  13. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thank you Bashir, the AGE OF THE CHILDREN is Not important ;showing/telling the truth IS!mad in usa

  14. Anonymous · · Reply

    Bashir, there are many many people all over the world who are determined to help Lebanon in its atrocious and wholey unjustifiable suffering. I am in New Zealand at the other end of the world. We have already had protests in all our major cities, we buy lebanese, we lobby, we donate, there are “I love Beirut” stickers on billboards all around my town. We reach out to you, our brothers and sisters. I know its not enough. But I want to tell you we are here, we are watching, we will do what we can to help you achieve peace. For every twisted skunk that comes on to attack you while your families are being butchered and your cities destroyed, there is an world of people that stands by you, and thanks you for sending out the truth for us all to see.

  15. Anonymous · · Reply

    War isn’t fun. It will never be fun or happy. So long as Lebanon spends its time worrying about war with the Chia or the Israilis, this is what Lebanon will get. If we decide that the military and the police are the only people that need weapons, then we won’t have to worry about fighting wars that we can’t win. Whatever Hassan says, this was no victory. Lebanon would be much better off with a dead Hassan than the 2000 deaths he brought us.

  16. ropsucks · · Reply

    Israel attacked Hezbollah because they grew tired of kidnappings and murder of their civilians. Hezbollah hides behind their children and parents. Israel does not want Lebanese soil, it wants terrorists in Lebanon to stop killing Israelis. I don’t know anything about the deaths in Chia, but if history has shown Israel restrained as much as possible from collateral deaths. Iran and their monkey Nasrallah have served up the Lebanese for slaughter to further their selfish goals. Look within to find your true enemies. The dream of a free and democratic Lebanon will never be achieved with Islamic fanatics holding guns and power.

  17. Solomon2 · · Reply

    Egyptian Weekly on Hizbullah’s Armed Children’s Militias

    “Hizbullah has customarily recruited youths and children and trained them to fight from a very early age…The children are selected by Hizbullah recruitment [officers] based on one criterion only: They must be willing to become martyrs.

    Shame on the parents of such children. Obviously, parents willing to sacrifice their own this way are even more willing to sacrifice the blood of their neighbors.

    Hezbollah took Lebanon hostage and tied her to the rails as the IDF locomotive roared down the warpath on its mission to attack Hezbollah. Who is the murderer of Lebanon, then?

    These dead children are the fruit of Hezbollahs labors. Israel was just the rain; it was Hezbollah who planted the seeds of war in people’s homes.

    One of the finest lawyers in this country writes that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have blown and that Israel has committed now war crimes, but Hezbollah, a part of the Lebanese government, certainly has.

    The correct question now is, how much blood money will Lebanon pay Israelis for the suffering Hezbollah inflicted upon Israeli civilians? What is left over from that should then be given to the grieving Lebanese families who are the victims of their own neighbors’ viciousness.

  18. Solomon2 · · Reply

    Correction: that should read, “have blown it and that Israel has committed no war crimes, but Hezbollah, a part of the Lebanese government, certainly has.”

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