Ghaziyeh… So Who’s the Terrorist?

Yesterday the people of Ghaziyeh, a village close to Sidon, went out to bury 14 of their family members who were killed the day before.
Israel then bombed near (500 meters) the funeral procession.
13 new Lebanese civilians were killed in Ghaziyeh.
The people of Ghaziyeh picked up the coffins and continued the procession while others went to help in the rescue.
They all shouted insults at Israel and support for Hezbollah.

More than a thousand Lebanese have been killed so far. Majority of them are civilians, women and children.
More than a hundred Israeli have been killed so far. Majority of them are soldiers.
So who has the technologically superior, precise, surgical and moral weapon?

So who is the terrorist?

And an Israeli asshole said that we should differentiate between Israel’s un-intentional killing of civilians and Hezbollah’s un-intentional killing of soldiers.

The first photo is Aya from KfarTibnit
The second is from Ghaziyeh
Both copied from Assafir



  1. Yeah baby, Hezbollah aren’t terrorists! They are Lebanon army, your best friends.

  2. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    Let us face a bit of reality – both the Nation of Israel and Hezbollah have made war. There is enough blame on both sides. The problem isn’t war. More than enough war has existed for more than enough years. Peace on the other hand has been the lost treasure. Even now, as the treasure lay within sight, it about to lost in the fog in war. Forces outside Lebanon are at work. Some for peace, some for war. Islamic extremists movements grew to record levels during the many years of conflict. They grew as a direct result of a failure of peace. They continue to grow. They will continue to grow unless peace prevails or war destorys the entire movement, not simply in Lebanon, but throughout the world, not simply in the Middle East – this means World War. Is the world read for war or for peace – that is question laying on the table today. Just my two-cents.

  3. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    As I expected, the Israeli Security Cabinet voted to expand the war in Lebanon, but not with full support – three obstained while nine voted in favor. While this does not mean a peace agreement may be reached by the end of week, it does increase the possibility of an expaned war without peace, in my opinion, which being a simple lay person may not be worth anything. Peace has taken a step backward today. Perhaps it will one step backward and two steps forward. Time will tell. How will Syria respond? How will Iran respond? How will Palestine respond? What will an expansion mean for Iraq. Like it or not, these issues are linked.

  4. The Atheist · · Reply

    “And an Israeli asshole said that we should differentiate between Israel’s un-intentional killing of civilians and Hezbollah’s un-intentional killing of soldiers.”Yes, that’s a stupid statement. But it is not stupid to differentiate the deaths of Lebanese civilians killed because Hizbollah launches their missiles at Israeli cities from residential areas and the Israeli civilians killed by those Hizbollah rockets.But I also wonder where was the Arab lament for the death of innocent civilians while Hamas and all the other Palestinian terror groups were setting of human bombs in pizzarias, bus stops, purim celibrations, etc.

  5. the perpetual refugee · · Reply

    The Israeli forces work on a ratio of 10 to 1. 10 of ours for every 1 of theirs.For me, 1 is murder.For me, 2 is a massacre.They have massacred us 500 times over. And it keeps multiplying by the day.

  6. I love Munich · · Reply

    Bashir – I guess by now it becomes apparent even to the most ignorant who the real terrorist is! perpetual refugee – that’s exacly the way I see it!roxieamerica – “How will Syria respond? How will Iran respond? How will Palestine respond? What will an expansion mean for Iraq”.These questions do make me feel very uneasy for not to say, frighten me!HANG ON GUYS – STAY STRONG!!

  7. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    Some good news – The Bush Administration has asked BOTH sides not in increae the war.

  8. Anonymous · · Reply

    Roxi – Get real!! Bit late for that now isn’t it?I am an American, but not very proud of it now. Bush has an ego problem. For some unknown reason, he thinks he is the head of the world. His problem is getting worse. And to think, I voted for him. That said, Kerry would have been worse. His wife would be calling the shots.Back to the problem at hand. Bush’s plea for these two countries will fall upon deaf ears. Had he begun this dialog when the problem began, he MAY have been effective. But, he continued to let Israel, and enable Israel destroy an entire country.He played his hand of cards too late. Now he is in a panic. Maybe because his public ratings are falling every day, he thinks he sould save face? Maybe because the ENTIRE Arab world despise him and many despise Americans…..Whatever the reason, he could have and should have stepped in and interveined well before now.War is not a game yet he has treated it like one.

  9. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    I think Bush needs to give up democracy building – he doesn’t quite have the nak of it. His peace plan I have called the Bush my-way or the highway plan. If the Israel TV news story is true, and Iranian Islamist Revolutionary Guard soldiers have been killed along side Hezbollah fighters, then it hard to predict where this conflict may go. Considering Bush refuses to talk to Iran, I do not have a great deal of hope.

  10. Anonymous · · Reply

    Roxie – You’re not kidding. He is destroying all relationships we have with countries all over the world. It cannot become US & Britan vs the world. Peace means first, respect, then compromise.Bush does not respect anyone. He does not know how to compromise. His way is not necessairly the right way.Of any person I know, neigher him nor Condi Rice have a clue of Middle Eastern Culture or History for that matter. A want-a-be cowboy from Texas and a Southern Black Woman. Not a clue!!!I think we are already beginning to see change in American Politics and it could not happen fast enough in my opinion. However, unfortunately, the next two years is going to be a tough row. Bush has become hap-hazzard and irresponsible.I pray everyday this confice will end. My family is in Lebanon and they are Christian Orthodox, young ambitionish and kind people.Bush should be tried for murder.

  11. Anonymous · · Reply

    I`m a pissed off american too and totally agree that Bush is not a Diplomat nor fit to be President,the whole damnd group need to be dismissed and on trail for murder,this country has lost more then support of the World, it has lost its Dignity. Sami

  12. Anonymous · · Reply

    Sami – Obviously you are not American, but you hit the nail on the head.The US has lost it’s Dignity, it’s Respect and it’s Status all over the world. Unfortunately, people like Bush don’t understand how important that is, AND we are stuck with Bush until 2008.I pray this mess is over soon for Lebanon. I would like to return to Beirut and see more of the country war torn or not. The Lebanese people made me feel so welcome when I was there.

  13. Anonymous · · Reply

    The US is a CUNTry, Bush is the Dick, Israel is the Criminal and Hizballah well… What to say about this smart guy Nasrallah who seems to have such a great vision for the future. This fucken Nutcase NOW AGREES that sending the Lebanese army to the south is the way to go? After what? Destroying the whole fucking country and killing 1000 Innocents? Don’t try to bullshit me with your responses, Hizballah is a piece of CRAP, Israel Iran and Syria are the Buttholes and Lebanon is the TOILET.What a Fucking Idiot, he thinks he is beating Israel,, Little does he know that they won by destroying an economic competition… I can’t hear him speak, so calm and wise and confident of winning, what a small piece of butt hair.

  14. Anonymous · · Reply

    As a UK citizen I feel embarrassed for the cowardly support we continue to give Israel while it destroys the infrastructure and lives of a defenceless country. There was a time when we gave leadership to the affairs of the World however nowadays we are just little better that America’s Poodle in the self-fulfilling prophecy of this ‘War on Terror’ – only today we have apparently uncovered a massive plot to destroy airliners from the UK by British Muslims!Were these Muslims radicalised before or after we started blowing up their countries!!?My heartfelt sympathy to all the Lebanese people…G.

  15. Ghassan · · Reply

    Even one death is one death too many. That is undebatable. But to proceed and just condemn the Israeli reaction as if it happebed in a vacuum is disingenuous to say the least. Let us not lose sight of the fact that any HA rocket carries with it the potential of creating a “massacre” since none of them is equipped witha guidance system. I am glad that you are highlighting the civilian casaulties , as you should, but I am sure that you haven’y forgotten our reaction whenever we inflict damage on the other side; we celebrate the death and destruction that we cause, How can we then object to the destruction and pain that they inflict on us? War is hell, it is not a bame and once we allow the genie out of the bottle , so to speak, then we have to be held responsible for what we have unleached.

  16. Anonymous · · Reply

    Yes Anonymous I`m a citizen of this Country and had enough of this crooked group at the white House, they ALL need to go to..sami

  17. Anonymous · · Reply

    On the subject of George Bush, I didn’t vote for him or kerry, I didn’t like either of them, but I support him on this issue. I also agree that he is arrogant, it doesn’t mean he is automatically wrong, he did good for me while I was in the military for 8 year Clinton was no friend to our country or any other, just himself. Some of you are really confused, Bush doesn’t want it to end, for the same reasons I don’t want it to end yet. Israel needs to finish the job, for those of you who think the IDF has indiscriminantly destroyed the Lebanese infrastructure and murdered innocent civilians, you are eithier ignorant of the facts or blinded by bigotry. For the matter of ending the fighting, Even the ismala-facists themselves had made zero calls for an end to the fighting, they are deluded enough to think they are willing this fight, they thought that they could bloody the IDF once and send them packing, but they were and still are sorely mistaken. I look forward to the day when this is finished and Lebanon can truly take those first steps as a free country, I think they will find the Israeli mourning the loses that the Lebanese and Israelis have suffered equally (even at a ratio of 10:1, it just gives the Lebanese 10 times as muny reasons to destroy Hezballah) at the expense of the arrogance of the Iranian puppets in Hezballah. I already feel great pain at the loss of life on the part of Hezballahs victims. Read and learn, from the keyboards of Lebanese who honestly do care; find it ammusing that someone talks about how Hezballah is Lebanon and they had every right to kill supposed spies without the courts of Lebanon because it was in THEIR territory. Silly me, I thought it was Lebanon and THEIR territory-X

  18. Nutmeg5 · · Reply

    I am so sorry.I love my country but hate my govornment!! (I live in the USA)

  19. Nutmeg5 · · Reply

    THIS IS ABOUT THE STATE OF ISRAEL’S ACCESS TO WATER. Make no mistake about their reasons for doing this.

  20. Anonymous · · Reply

    It is always so easy to recommend for Israel to ‘finish ‘the job,when one is not involved being bombed/burned ect.The tall talkers need to experience a few days of hell,perhaps a different outlook would be on the agenda.been there

  21. rixxagain · · Reply

    Then get out Nutmeg!! If you cant support your country- why live in it and enjoy the freedoms and affluences of it. Sounds like hell doesnt it? ” I hate my government, but Ill enjoy the unparalled freedom and affluence it offers “. Real Classy.To anonymous that said we should be in the war zone before we say that Israel should finish the job.Been there…. saw alot of nasty in nasty old Vietnam. And I would kiss my lady and kids and be in Lebanon in zero flat if I could. And I still say, Israel needs to finish the job. First- my heart breaks for the children dying- both in lebanon and Israel. This is truly tragic. I, however, hold not the Hezbolla or IDF responsible, as I hold the parents responsible. These people KNOW that they are in a potetial target zone and they put those kids in peril by staying there. If they want to protect thier kids- they should go to some place that is not a hot-spot. I hear these people say, : I will not leave my home and bend to the will of the IDF- yaddayadda : OK. Then stay, but dont expect your government and certainly not the government of your enemy, to protect your children. Thats absurd. They are your children.Israel needs to finish the job because Hezbolla never should have become what they are today- a non-state entity that can hurt people with the weapons thay have. Dont misunderstand me, thay are no match for Israel. Israel hasnt even dusted off most of the weapons and resources they have. When IDF gets rockin- Hezbolla will be routed. This is what needs to happen to ensure peace for Lebanon and Israel. As long as Hezbolla exists, it cant happen. You the people of Lebanon- do you understand that Hezbolla has completely used you? They may suck you in by building a school somewhere and tell you they are endlessly devoted to you, but they arent. They dont care about Lebanon, or death to Israel and America, or Allah or otherwise. They care about collecting money as mercenaries and gaining poilical influence and weapons. Thats all.And now Lebanon is being bombed to a point of infrstructure failure… do we recall after 9/11, Bush and western countries saying– if you harbor terrorists, you will be held responsible? Isnt this what Israel is doing?This is why Israel has to finish the job. There cant be any peace otherwise.rixxagain

  22. Anonymous · · Reply

    What you fail to see is that violence i.e. ‘finishing the job’; creates a new breed of people who strive on hate,soooo if anything negotiations are on order and NOT finishing the job.

  23. Anonymous · · Reply

    been there

  24. Anonymous · · Reply

    rixxagain Go Fuck Yourself.

  25. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hmm. Must have hit a nerve. Intelligent response. What was it? I thought- getting the kids out of the war zone was a very good, common sense answer to the problem.To whoever posted this, I submit, this entire war is killing kids. Killing them physically. Killing them emotionally and spiritually. Please do not hand me any garbage about martydom, all for Allah and all that. These children, israeli, lebanese, iraqi, are ALL being robbed of life. The future of a normal life, marriage, family– are being taken from these kids before they have any choice in it. How selfish of us. How selfish of us. How can you NOT understand that?This madness has to end in the middle east. I have been watching this for 30 years and it never changes, never settles down. Its one hell-inspired act of violent lunacy after another. Israel shouldnt finish it? Someone has too. Israeli- British- Iranians- Egyptians- Americans- SOMEONE has to stop this. End this absolutely senseless destruction of generation after generation of kids.Correct me if Im wrong.Rixxagain

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