IDF Rules For Arab Civilians

From Dove’s Eye View the following:

The Guttersnipe reports:

Here are the IDF rules for Lebanese and Palestinians under attack:

1) Do not cry
2) Do not laugh
3) Telling jokes at Israeli expense, especially while under bombardment, constitutes hate speech and will be punished with more bombardment
4) Do not blog, email or otherwise try to tell your story to the rest of the world. It makes us look bad, and that constitutes hate speech. See #3 for how we deal with hate speech.
5) Resistance is futile.
6) Effective resistance is terrorism, and thus a war crime.
7) Arabs committing war crimes must be exterminated.
8) Israel never commits war crimes
9) Mourners who weep too loudly at funerals will be exterminated.
10) Stop taking so many pictures. Photography is forbidden. Your photos of dead babies and weeping women are anti-Semitic. UPDATE And anyway, all your photos are doctored. Your videos too. There aren’t really any dead bodies, or if there are, not as many as you say, and what’s a few dead Arabs? We kill Arabs all the time, why are you complaining? So quit posting your pictures, and if you don’t quit, well they’re all lies!

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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    ha ha..what a joke!Jewish people have such great sense of humor. Evidently, all comedian actors in Hollywood are Jewish and entertain the entire world. I suppose Hitler did have some positive impact on the Jews.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Arab civilian? Since when do Arabs act in any manner that could be called civil? Maybe you could start by practicing a religion that was civil, that doesn’t value Jihad over everything else.

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