Massacre of the Mirkava

I heard this war joke today:

A group of Israeli soldiers were witnessed beating the hell out of the Wazani River, torturing it to confess that it is the Litani River.

In its desperate attempt to take a non-doctored photo of at least one IDF soldier raising the Israeli flag over the Litani River, the IDF’s expanded [inflated] ground offensive continued yesterday. The results: 24 Israeli soldiers dead, 60 injured, more than 10 in a critical condition (according to CNN). 39 Mirkava tanks and bulldozers in addition to a helicopter were destroyed too.

Today six Israeli soldiers died. 2 Mirkavas were among the casualties.

Did Olmert expect Khizballah militants to flee without their bandanas to the nearest barber shop immediately after he starts his indiscriminate shelling of Lebanon? Afghanistan is not a good model either way you take it.

As I was typing this about 20 loud explosions shook the city. They were raids that flattened some apartment buildings still standing in the suburbs, in Radouf, Rouwiss. Two make-believe civilians were killed and 7 injured. Hezbollah retaliated with about 200 rockets on Israel so far, on this the 32nd day.

UN Res. 1701 will have to wait for now.

Peres said that at the end of the war [?] Hezbollah will run with their tails between their legs! Tails?!

By the way, a make-believe mother with her three fake children (younger than ten) and a Sri Lankan woman were killed today in Tyre. Three fake Lebanese civilians died in Bekaa. 15 not so true civilians died in a raid yesterday. For more make-believe Lebanese civilians killed and their doctored pictures check news outlets like Naharnet and Daily Star. I have lost count. You can also find pictures of massive destructions of the make-believe country of Lebanon.

Long live Barney!



  1. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    I have posted a new article, .< HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>titled: How to End Worldwide Terrorism without Dropping the First Bomb

  2. Dr Victorino de la Vega · · Reply

    Hi M.B.Been traveling with none-to-lousy internet connection for the past 5 days.Gen. de Gaulle once said that “it is in adversity that one encounters people of character”: you’re a shining example of what the word “Resistance” truly means.You and the destitute kids of Baalbek and TYR are ripping into pieces the IDF’S INFLATED TIRES- AND THEIR EGO TOO!;))

  3. I love Munich · · Reply

    I can well understand your sarcasm – but I feel so helpless because I don’t know what to tell you to help in any way. Somehow this makes me feel like an idiot …I HOPE they will stop this nightmare tomorrow morning .. but HA said they will stop ONLY the moment, all Israeli soldiers will have left Lebanon … so how does that translate?I pray for you guys, I back you, I support you … I only wish I could do so much more!!

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Dear Moussa,I am again relieved to know that you are alive. I appreciate the sarcasm. It is so important to those of us who care to know the truth.I know I am sounding sickenly naive for saying so, but do you have any hope for the Monday ceasefire?Inshallah, the nightmare will end.

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    Great that you are still able to transmit, you and Libanon are in mine/our thoughts.Hopefully this ceasefire will hold;it will be a long road to revovery but Libanon will rise again.Thoughts and Prayers. Salammad in usa

  6. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    Is the Bashir family enjoying fireworks tonight?

  7. Anonymous · · Reply


  8. Anonymous · · Reply

    Mr. President, why don’t you pull out…like your father should have? Note: There is excellent reason to believe that the Department of Defense is deliberately not reporting a significant number of the dead in Iraq. We have received copies of manifests from the MATS that show far more bodies shipped into Dover AFP than are reported officially. The actual death toll is in excess of 10,000. (See the official records at the end of this piece.) Given the officially acknowledged number of over 15,000 seriously wounded (and a published total of 25,000 wounded overall,), this elevated death toll is far more realistic than the current 2,000+ now being officially published. When our research is complete, and watertight, we will publish the results along with the sources In addition to the evident falsification of the death rolls, at least 5,500 American military personnel have deserted, most in Ireland but more have escaped to Canada and other European countries, none of whom are inclined to cooperate with vengeful American authorities. (See TBR News of 18 February for full coverage on the mass desertions) This means that of the 158,000 U.S. military shipped to Iraq, 26,000 deserted, were killed or seriously wounded. The DoD lists currently being very quietly circulated indicate over12,000 dead, over 25,000 seriously wounded and a large number of suicides, forced hospitalization for ongoing drug usage and sales, murder of Iraqi civilians and fellow soldiers, rapes, courts martial and so on – The government gets away with these huge lies because they claim, falsely, that only soldiers actually killed on the ground in Iraq are reported. The dying and critically wounded are listed as en route to military hospitals outside of the country and not reported on the daily postings. Anyone who dies just as the transport takes off from the Baghdad airport is not listed and neither are those who die in the US military hospitals. Their families are certainly notified that their son, husband, brother or lover was dead and the bodies, or what is left of them (refrigeration is very bad in Iraq what with constant power outages) are shipped home, to Dover AFB. This, we note, was the overall policy until very recently. Since it became well known that many had died at Landstuhl, in Germany, the DoD began to list a very few soldiers who had died at other non-theater locations. These numbers are only for show and are pathetically small in relationship to the actual figures. You ought to realize that President Bush personally ordered that no pictures be taken of the coffined and flag-draped dead under any circumstances. He claims that this is to comfort the bereaved relatives but is designed to keep the huge number of arriving bodies secret. Any civilian, or military personnel, taking pictures will be jailed at once and prosecuted. Bush has never attended any kind of a memorial service for his dead soldiers and never will. He is terrified some parent might curse him in front of the press or, worse, attack him. As Bush is a terrible physical coward and in a constant state of denial, this is not a surprise. Brian Harring

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