After Cease Fire. War Photo Updates – 2

Remember when I posted a photo of my parents home during the first few days of the bombing in Haret Hureik (we moved there in 1972). Well this is how it looks like today:

The view here is from my parent’s home side of the road, the photo in the previous post was from the opposite side. The motorcycle stood where the people are now and the previous photo was directed at where I am standing taking this one. The buildings in the background were still standing. Six buildings were in the background.
There used to be an open space and a road in front of the buildings here. My parent’s place is part of the rubble. Approximately in the middle of this photo.

A close up of my neighbour and friend’s home, Anas, the die hard secular



  1. i care · · Reply

    Numb and my heart hurts for Lebanon.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Bashir…miss the old neighborhood? I’m sure a lot of lebanese do also. Hey, why don’t you go take a census and ask the population if they support hezbollah kidnapping an Israeli soldier and killing others during peacetime? Ask them if losing their neighborhoods was worth it for what hezbollah started.It’s simple, isn’t it Bashir? Hezbollah picked a fight and went to war…….FOR WHAT????What would you rather have, your neighborhoods back….OR HEZBOLLAH HAVING STARTED A CONFLICT THAT RESULTED IN THE DESTRUCTION AT HAND?When will you wake up and fault hezbollah for hijacking the safety, peacefulness, productiveness…and beauty of Lebanon, and throwing it all away in the name of being the proxy fighter for IRAN? Hezbollah sets off rockets and cheers in the street that it WON THE WAR. When you look at your neighborhood, do you say that you WON THE WAR? Nobody won, Bashir. If hezbollah won, then I’d be hard pressed to come up with a term that describes those that came out losers. If you want sympathy for the destruction of the beautiful Lebanese country, ask yourself how things in Lebanon would have been had hezbollah not provoked a conflict by kidnapping and killing. One thing I guarantee you, hezbollah WILL NOT cross the border and kidnap/kill least any time soon. They will leave Israel alone. And if they don’t, Israel will only punish harder the land where they reside. Start asking yourself now, do you want to live in peace in beautiful neighborhoods with a good economy, or do you want hezbollah pursuing their dream of pushing Israel into the sea. What are YOUR Priorities? What do you want for YOUR children? Are you a man of peace, have you learned nothing from the actions of hezbollah and the losses they’ve cause for you and your country?

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