Beta-Blogger Migration Problems

I switched to blogger in beta four days ago and everything went wrong. I couldn’t log into my dashboard, all comments to all previous posts were lost etc…
After series of nag-chain-letters to blogger support and attempting all the tricks I could come up with,
I am now able to post again. I don’t know whether it was the “blogger support” that did it or my tinkering. Although I like to go for the second.

And since moving to beta-blogger can not be undone, I will have to use it and see how thing go from here.
Hopefully better after we started off on the wrong foot.

Stay well everybody…



  1. I love Munich · · Reply

    I can well imagine that was most annoying … but you seem to have found a reasonable way out!
    We’re here Moussa – don’t worry!
    What’s going on in Beirut?
    Everybody Ok?

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Bashir, that’s the first time you took responsibility for anything since you started this blog. I’m surprised you didn’t blame Israel or the Jews for the error.

    The way I see it, nothing much was lost, besides you and your friends’ propaganda machine.

    Now is the time to start writing the truth….if you want to write about the bad Israeli behavior or decisions….then be fair and talk about the bad Palestinians, hezbollah, and even Lebanese that didn’t fight the hezbollah for their own country.

  3. Anarchist Revolution is Coming · · Reply

    Hey, glad to see you back, and hope the beta wouldn’t cause too much trouble! I was wondering what happened. One time I got the beta thing when I visited your blog.

  4. Lazarus · · Reply

    welcome back!

  5. Anarchist Revolution is Coming · · Reply

    Is anyone else having problems posting without signing in to a blogger account??

  6. a h m a d · · Reply

    But you get good features, such as tagging your posts. :))

  7. Bashir · · Reply

    Choose other as an identity and comment, it should work without signing in to blogger, otherwise beta-ikht-hal-shaghli…

    features like tagging and categories (labels) were what I went for, I haven’t even began to use them…:-)

  8. Anarchistian · · Reply

    Yeah Bashir, I did try that.. but the few times I tried, it didn’t work… hopefully it will this time… 🙂

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