Nano to Terrorism

What is nanotechnology?
A basic definition would be: the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale.
In other words it is the engineering of tiny machines.

How tiny is tiny?
Atomic and molecular tiny.
A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. The average human hair is about 25,000 nanometers wide.

What can nanotechnology produce?
Lifesaving medical robots or untraceable weapons of mass destruction.
Networked computers for everyone in the world or networked cameras so governments can watch our every move.
Trillions of dollars of abundance or a vicious scramble to own everything.
Rapid invention of wondrous products or weapons development fast enough to destabilize any arms race.

Who’s so hot about the idea these days (and has always been)?
Nobel Laureate Shimon Peres.

He wants it to be used in the fight against terrorism of course.
Read this quote from what said the other day:

In a war of this type, it is necessary to have the use of a completely new kind of technology, such as nanotechnology – a new dimension, and not merely enhancement of existing technologies. A terrorist activist may be deterred if he knows that he could encounter new means that make it possible to detect him, even among a large crowd; that his hidden weapons could be found by invisible means. The defense system should use tools that are operated from a distance, robots and intelligence of a kind not yet known.

I had the privilege to introduce new weapons systems into the Israel Defense Forces that gave Israel the deterrent capacity it still enjoys today, that is to say, a capability that remained in force for some 50 years. I am convinced that it is possible to do so again, and for a long time.

Fair enough. Terrorism is abhorring to say the least.
Have all other methods failed, or is it because of the large investments Peres has in this industry?

More on nanotech…



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    It’s a typical arabic reaction..

    When we see that our neighbor has a nicer car, instead of thinkin i wanna work hard to be able to buy it we think i hope something will hapen to him and he’ll lose it…

  2. Typical Arab · · Reply

    Who will serve as lab-mice for these new weapons?

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    ..but perhaps could it be that the Jews are always greedy?hmmm

  4. typical arab · · Reply

    I wanna work hard to obtain nuclear technology. I wanna work hard to obtain nanotechnology.
    Oh no! I’m being bombed for wanting to do that!
    13 civilian industrial companies were bombed in Lebanon. They were working hard to obtain some industrial status.

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