Back to Square One

Breaking news this morning:

A convoy carrying former head of the intelligence branch of the internal security forces Lt. Col. Samir Shehade was targeted by an explosion in Rmeileh near Sidon. He and five of his companions were injured.

more: Naharnet and the BBC



  1. i dnt think it is square one,it is part of the international conflict on lebanon and the region identity…and part of the local conflict on lebanon direction,forming of the new power(sulta)…it is a “to be continue….” not square one…who said that the war was not on the same track…watch more to come.

  2. (ma kan fena nunshor el jash abel ma etdamar lubnan)…baby question soo nice soo sweet…before the war hizbullah was asked to give up his arms, send the army to the south with complete american agenda…after the war, hizbullah said i will keep my arms,and guess what the army is our army they can spread where ever they like,but take care dont come near us,soo now sanyura is happy he send his army if it is his anyway,hizbulah keep his positions, even isreal is a winner sooo every body is happy where is the 1559,gone with the wind,to be continue one more part…is hizbullah that smart or it is just my imagination noway it could have been done with out this heavy war.

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