Jim Webb for U.S. Senate*

Jim Webb is a Republican centrist who served as Assistant-Navy Secretary under President Reagan.

He quit the Republican Party in the early 1990s, after clashing with the staunchly pro-Israel “Neo-conservative” ideologues he viewed as enemies of America and the West.

Today, Jim Webb is running as a Democratic candidate in the Virginia senate race.

It is said George W. Bush and Nancy Reagan are furious about Jim’s soon to be released television ad featuring excerpts from a 1985 speech by President Reagan praising his leadership…

I believe that Jim Webb will make a great U.S. Senator from Virginia.

Jim is running against George Felix Allen, a self-declared friend of the Israeli fascist far-right and a staunch supporter of President Bush’s neo-colonial wars in the Middle-East and South Asia.

You can make your voice heard in Washington by supporting Jim’s campaign: even a modest donation can help make a difference.

Please visit Jim’s website to learn more about him and about his candidacy.

*This post is copied as is from “The Middle East Memo”


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