Not in my Name!

PM Tony Blair was one of three leaders who refused to support a cease fire during Israel’s indiscriminate war on Lebanon few weeks ago. The other two were Pres Bush and PM Olmert for obvious reasons.

PM Blair admits that he allowed British airports to be used to transport US smart bombs to Israel. And we all know where these bombs exploded.

Blair collaborated with Bush in propagating false basis for the invasion and subsequent destruction of Iraq. Casualties in Iraq amount to tens of thousands and still counting.

Blair days as PM have expired. His ministers are resigning. His people are asking him to leave.

Yesterday he was in Palestine/Israel instigating Palestinians to fight each other and supporting Olmert who has in custody (read kidnap) members of Palestinian cabinet and parliament. The same who were elected according to US and British set standards.

His visit to Lebanon today prompted the deployment of army and security around Beirut. His visit prompted a quarantine of downtown Beirut to protect him from Lebanese love and hospitality.

Lebanese have gathered on the outskirts of downtown to welcome him with banners that read: “You are NOT welcome”.

Was he invited and if so by whom?

Is he carrying a message? What is this message and what a poor choice for a messenger?

Will PM Sanyoura give him a hug and a kiss too?

Will he be offered baklava?



  1. Dr Victorino de la Vega · · Reply

    Thanks for promoting the Jim Webb campaign on your blog Ustaz M.B.

    At a time when other bloggers are focusing SOLELY on secondary issues such as the visit of the Blairite puppet to Saudi-occupied Lebanon or the latest “declaration of (bad) intentions” from the 12 green dwarfs from March 14, one mustn’t loose sight of the big picture:

    The November elections in America

    “And all the rest is just commentary” as a famous Iraqi-Israeli Pharisee once said!

  2. bala sharaf jama3et 14 march,sanyura men ma yekhud emu be 3ayetlo 3amo… minister sanyura who ever rides his mother he calls him uncle….its time for him to leave power….

  3. notorious · · Reply

    mmmm theres 1 thing u forgot to mension bachir, hizballah members were deployed to prevent the protests from turnin into riots.

  4. notorious u make me sick….u cant see that the class smells..what u see is that the students are making noise..and soo what if it turns into riots…a goverment that cant respect its people feelings should be brought down even if it is through riots…till when hizbollah will be able to calm these people…….

  5. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    Dr Victorino de la Vega said…
    one mustn’t loose sight of the big picture:
    The November elections in America

    I do hope the American people will express themselves in November. The problems will of course remain. Perhaps we could remove the people one of the nations islands and give them a new homeland so we can export all extreme Zionists, all extreme Christians and all extreme Islamics to the island, where they can fight each other until their hearts are content.

    It does not appear the world has matured enough to recognize that extreme religious movements continue to represent a clear and present danger to world peace.

  6. notorious · · Reply

    ali… think before u blab u idiot, wut i said is a compliment to el hezeb, wich means hezebala is trying to prevent shit like that. bachir… i heard somethin cool today, it said ” we use to say support lebanese products, well the victory is a lebanese product so support it and be a part of it u fukcin idiots”

  7. Ok since u mean well, i take back my words…nothing personal just the stress..have a nice day..

  8. notorious · · Reply

    its ok, no biggie, u have a nice do to

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