Round Up of Lebanese Blogs

Here’s this week’s round up of Lebanese blogs for Global Voices Online:

Lebanon: Field Trips, Wardrobe Personification and Poetry

Have you wondered why most women like shoes? Or can blogging be life threatening? Then read on and see what answers the Lebanese Blogosphere has. This week’s blogs have topics that are as serious as a threat to a fellow blogger for his political cartoons and as light hearted as a comparison between shoes and men and neckties and women. You will also find trips to and photos of the battle fields in South Lebanon plus stories of recovery and accounts of the horrors of unexploded cluster bombs. This roundup ends with an interestingly “looking” piece of poetry.

Maya@NYC starts a post by asking: “Why do most women really like shoes?” She then starts her detailed answer by saying: “Shoes are like men.” Well, you may want to read the rest.

Ana Min Beirut does not let Maya@NYC get away with her hypotheses. He replies in a post of his own: “Women are like neckties”.

The war on Lebanon may be over but the problems it created still linger. Many bloggers wrote about leftover ordinance that are causing post-cease fire casualties. Especially cluster bombs:

Sietske-in-Beiroet visits the South of Lebanon and posts photos and information about this problem.

“When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is “Anti-Semitic”” is the title of a post by Mirvat at the Lebanese bloggers Forum. …

Check out the rest here…


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  1. a h m a d · · Reply

    The posts of Maya and Ana min Beirut are quite humorous. Thanks for the links.

    This leads me to wonder how you are keeping tracks of all the blogs. :))

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