Lebanese Blog-Round-Up

This week’s roundup for Global Voices Online:

This week Lebanese blogs discusses circumcision, the environment, the Pope’s quote on Islam, Lebanese politics, post war hardships and suspicions among other things.

Let us start this weeks sampling by answering these questions: What if Google was used to settle battles … who would win? Interested in knowing? Lazarus has graphical answers to a number of world conflicts.

What do you think about male circumcision? Maya@NYC wrote on this and other stuffs. Her post sounds like this:

Female brains work in mysterious ways. Even for a female observer. I have seen the tantrums, the jealousies, the possessiveness, the suspicion, the disregard… But male brains… not to be sexist or anything…. Men have this PC-inspired quality: shut down completely before updating the information. Tonight, an American female friend, after 3 hour of chatting and 1 glass of wine (or was it the other way around?) finally gathered the courage to ask me: so is circumcision a big thing in Lebanon?

What do you think of the environment in Lebanon? Take a look at the photo of the sad state of the Beirut River taken by Anarchorev.

Now let us look at the topic which had the most posts in the Lebanese blogosphere this week: the Pope’s quotation about Islam during one of his lectures. The reaction to the Pope’s quote was not just a simple attack or defense. They were in fact very diverse. They range from a call for inter-faith marriage to declaring that all religions are intrinsically intolerant.

Sietske in Beiroet makes the following call:

I myself am very much fed up with the whole religion issue, and I think my best contribution to this society has been to marry someone of a different faith. And when I think about it, all my good friends are mixed couples. We’ve got a Christian-Druze couple, a catholic-Sunni, an orthodox-Sunni, a Shia-protestant, a Shia-Sunni, to name just a few. And these are all marriages of 13 years or more. They all have kids that are oblivious to the fact whether someone is a Christian or a Druze or a Muslim. You want to do something for your country? Marry someone from the other sect. And make it fast. Time is running out.

Read the rest of the round-up here….



  1. Moussa,
    You missed this one I wrote on the Pope:
    It took me a whole week. It is lenghty but if you have time read it. As a scientist you will appreciate it.

    Thank you for featuring my posts in your round up.

  2. Moussa,

    You missed this one I wrote on the Pope:
    Benedict XVI and the disrepute of reason
    It took me a whole week. It is lenghty but if you have time read it. As a scientist you will appreciate it.

    Thank you for featuring my posts in your round up.

  3. notorious · · Reply

    about the religion thing (with all due respect to all religions), i knaw shi3a’s who keep talkin about how glorified they are, and about how much sunni’s and christians are pussies and sellouts and how much they hate them, these same shi3a’s have sunni and christian freinds, they let them inside their homes, introduce them to their families, and in most cases apreciate them more then their shi3a freinds, i also knaw sunni’s who hate everything that has to do with “ali” yet they also have shi3a freinds, who they apreciate and trust more then their sunni freinds, i knaw christians from all sects, who keep blabin out howmuch muslims are retarded and ancient and demode’, not fit to be lebanese citizins in the 21 century, and also they have muslim freinds who they apreciate and trust more then their own, and wouldnt mind giving them their sons and daughters for marriage. Bachir… no one gets it, we aint like that, lebanese peaple aint like that, they actually DONT GIVA FUCK wut religion or sect ur from, all this religios shit is just talk, u knaw how lebanese peaple ride every single wave, its just them…. us riding the wave, and u knaw lebanese politics, every1 does, they HAVE TO MILK EVERY FUCKIN EVENT TO THE LAST FUCKIN DROP IN THEIR ADVANTAGE, not considering wuts best for lebanon, only for wuts best for their own agenda wich usually includes makin money…. being famous… makin money and makin more money ……………………………… to be continued soon, power went out, allah ykhaleelna wazir el ta2a, nshala byifta7o ta2a bteezo

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