At the Victory Rally

Look who was there in red!



  1. I love Munich · · Reply

    Now you will have to help me with that one! I don’t read Arabic … but do know the face – can’t pinpoint though! Lend a hand?? 😉

  2. jarabna netekel 3alaykun erje3na ettakalna 3allah…it was a big shame that prime minister sanura didnt even send a representative….if a strip club was opening he will send…ignorant in politics and manners…he too should appoligize

  3. 🙂

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    ali,u worry too much about sanyura,there is no place for such faces in the making of glory,he is too busy reminising on his meeting with blair.

  5. Karin, the photo is of Ziad Rahbani, the most creative and popular composer, playwright and actor in Lebanon… the most sarcastic, cynical etc. He is the son of Fairouz (the singer). Fairouz almost defines the Lebanese identity… He is a communist…

  6. notorious · · Reply


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