The Misery Unfolds – Slowly…

“The bodies of five children have been removed from under the rubble of a collapsed building in the south more than two months after it was hit by an Israeli air strike….Ali Alawiyah identified his two daughters Aya and Zeinab, his son Hussein and his nephews Batoul and Abbas…”
– Naharnet



  1. To Mr Ja3ja3, those who died in Ain Elrumane and Achrafiyah died fighting Kamal Junbulat the president and founder of the Patriotic Movement,they died fighting for a christian-maroniat state or powers…how can that be compared to Bent Jubiel and Marun Elras….Mr junbulat please appologize to the lebanese people because you were a chicken for 29 years and a syrian tool of robbing and killing thousands of lebanese…today you cant be the pure HERO, we are not stupid.

  2. notorious · · Reply

    he could b discribe with many things… but i think wut suits him the most is HISPOCRIT fuck man its like the word is fuckin made for him

  3. notorious · · Reply

    sory guys typo

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