A Rally for a Rally and a Tooth for a Tooth

Minister of Social Affairs (or Welfare?) Nayla Mouawad (barbie of the parliament), whose voice and poise were absent during the war, except when helping in the attack against Hezbollah, rides in style to be on time as not to miss a moment of the counter-victory rally by sectarian Lebanese Forces. (Photo)

Another Lebanese patriot at the Lebanese Forces Counter-Victory-Rally (Photos):

Now for photos of “Non-Lebanese-Patriots from the other Non-Lebanese-Virtual-Devine-Victory-Rally”

Here is Sheikh Hariri (mini) putting on the “robe of leadership” and vowing “a rally for a rally and robe for a robe” or something like that (photo):

And another less publicized Lebanese-Rally from up north of Lebanon sometime in the past (photo)

Nassrallah is so HUGE we need three speeches by three large leaders (Hariri, Ja’ja’, Jumblat) to counter one of his.

Bremertz may have found the tooth of the suicide bomber who was involved in the killing of PM R. Hariri.

The word on the street in Beirut is that it is coated with gold!



  1. notorious · · Reply

    bachir whos in the last pic? the peaple with m-16’s?

  2. notorious:
    follow the link (photo) right above the picture and it will lead you to the original and the story behind it…

  3. Moussa,
    This is a delightful post !

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Who said alqaida is not yet in lebanon????

  5. notorious · · Reply

    bachir i did, but it didnt say who it is for, i mean they gota have a name or somethin, not just random peaple with guns, those aint Ak-47’s they have the ones u can find in almost every house in lebanon, those r m-16’s, plus the uniform n all that other shit…

  6. Anarchist Revolution is Coming · · Reply

    They are Salafis.

    An interesting (and worrying) trend. I wonder who might be arming them? And did Israel’s attacks on port radards at Trablous have anything to do with that?

    Or am I just being overly paranoid???

    That pic of Nayla Muawwad reminds me of that woman with her Sri Lankan maid at a “cedar revolution” rally.

    And yeah, it’s pretty umm .. patriotic of that guy to hold the American flag. But I am sure this same guy would whine if someone at the other rally in da7iye held an Iranian or Syrian or Palestinian flag and accuse him/her of being a traitor and a Syrian/Iranian agent, etc.

    Bashir your posts are always great. Keep it up!

    (for some reason I can’t post w/ my blogger account)

  7. Thanks Anarch.
    A blogger account is not needed to post here, so maybe your computer still “thinks” it needs an account from the time of the mess created by “the beta”. Try cleaning the cache of your browser from cookies and temp files. Then use the “other” option to sign your comments but when you type your web page you have to write it in full with the http:// (http://meastpolitics.wordpress.com/). I am posting this using the “other” after typing the word verification. The anonymous works but you will have to add your signature and url manually at the end of your post.
    Once more I say Beta Ikht hal shagli. Conspiracy!.

  8. Anarchist Revolution is Coming · · Reply

    haha… yeah it worked, all I had to do was clear my cache. Now I can post both ways, but I prefer to post w/ blogger account since some people have been going around and posting fake messages under my name…

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