Catch-22 Irony!

The chief of Hezbollah (Party-of-God, Islamic-Resistance-in-Lebanon) forbids (tahreem) his followers from engaging in any form of sectarian strife in Lebanon, stressing that the split, although critical, is political, not sectarian, and is part of the democratic struggle and claiming that both sides of the divide include representatives of all major sects.

The leaders of the Cedar Revolution (which includes the Future Movement, Progressive Socialist, Lebanese Forces and which is Bush’s validation for the success of his democratic “crusade” in the Middle East) collect, separately, their followers in separate sets according to their sects and speak sectarian (and feudal et al) to them.

And as if this situation is not absurd enough, Rice herself intervened, in this internal Lebanese “democratic” post-war struggle, in favor of the anti-Hezbollah camp, predicting more assassinations (?) and a brighter future (??) in “probably several years”.

Bush did not deliver in Iraq!

Bush will not deliver in Lebanon!!



  1. Moussa this news item caught my attention also. Rice is mutating into a crime forecaster !

  2. I love Munich · · Reply

    Of course he won’t “deliver” in Lebanon .. just the way he (predictably) failed in Iraq! Sticking his nose constantly into other people’s business and consequently lives, I wonder why he doesn’t recognize what’s going on in his own country on each corner! Wouldn’t it be fair – and right – to sweep in front of his own door first?
    About Condy Rice .. as I feel a distinct antipathy against this woman from the first day on, I should better refrain from elaborating (which would not sound very charming in any case …) I want to second sophia with her analysis which I think is realistic.
    Politics in Lebanon right now seems to be ONE BIG MESS …

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    I could not agree more!!
    Mad in USA

  4. Haider Droubi · · Reply

    things are becoming very clear latley..
    nice blog

  5. notorious · · Reply

    ni7na atyas sha3eb allah, akid they wont deliver, they wont even get close, thats y ther tryin 2 build strong allies in leb so they could fight the batle for them

  6. Alon Lear · · Reply

    Long after Israel will pull out of Lebanon you and other Lebanese citizens will still be prisoners of the Hezbollah. It is very convenient to be non sectarian when your sect has the last word!! Most of you Arabs prefer to demonize Israel and the U.S. than face the hard truth.
    And the truth is that Hezbollah uses the conflict to force you to agree to his armed forces presence.
    This forces main aim is to progress Iranian agenda in the region.
    It is sad for us to see how simple it is to use your hate to us and lure you into believing they protect you from Israel or “American aggression”
    They make you bite the hand that wishes you well and praise those whish to drag you into the radical fundamental Islam. (Or is it what you want?)

  7. alon lear,
    Waking up every morning in Iraq to the news that 50 or more Iraqis were killed does not really help in winning hearts and minds of Arabs, let alone the claim that the Bush wants to spread the ideals of love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The same can be said about what Israel is and has done to Lebanon and to the Palestinians.

  8. ALON LEAR · · Reply

    It would be wise I think to blame the ones that pull the trigger in Iraq. Don’t you agree?
    The U.S. may have made a mistake in trying to free the Iraqi people from a brutal regime that raped them.
    The same mistake as a neighbor will do to help a raped woman from her raping husband.
    It would have been wiser to leave the situation as it was and do the cowardly thing and ignore it.
    Yes, pictures of dead Iraqis or Palestinians are a powerful blow to an honest human being. But an honest human being has to see the whole picture. You know as I sit and write a Palestinian rocket fell on Sderot and injured somebody. All in all more than 2000 rockets (or somewhere near that figure) fell on that area in Israel.
    I truly believe that most of the Israelis want peace in two tastes.
    In the last elections more thane 70% were votes fore that idea and that is despite the month old elections in the Palestinian side where they have elected a government that declares it wants to destroy us.
    And I am going to surprise you… we do not enjoy killing anyone.
    And for some perspective look at :

  9. RoxieAmerica · · Reply

    The war in Iraq failed because the Bush Administration failed to follow the Powell Doctrine. The Powell doctrine is you go in with overwhelming force, destroy the enemy and when done, YOU LEAVE the field of engagement.

    As time passes, my view on if one can negotiate with Islamic Revolutionaries has been changing. It does not appear one can negotiate with those bent on forcing their monotheism on the world by force. In regards to Islamic Revolutionaries from Tehran to obscure part of Africa, I feel it is time to adopt the policy of Pope Urban II when dealing with Islamic Revolutionary terrorists.

    As for Lebanon, I do not believe forced democracy will take root. I don’t believe Nasrallah’s Islamic government will survive if it takes root. I’m not sure there is a good answer to Lebanon. Too many nations have their fingers in Lebanon’s dike, all trying to plug holes they see in a fragile dike.

    Perhaps the world has gone too long without a world war and can not live long-term in peace, and therefore lusts for another world war. The world is perhaps overdue for a good religious war. Extremist Christions, Zionists and Islamics can simply kill each other, purging all religions of extremism in one swift war.

    Can you tell I’m dissappointed in the United Nation, and in world governments for failing to find a plan for neighbors in the world to live in peace? Send the Israeli bulldosers to the United Nations – who would miss it?

  10. Anonymous · · Reply

    all the problems in the middle east comes from Iran & Syria, they are both the main problem !

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