Haifa – Nassrallah – Twist

Lebanon is a twisted country. Not lemon twist. DNA chain twist. A twist within a twist within a twist.
I did not see Haifa Wehbe’s interview on New TV, but Prof As’ad reports that she said her heart beats for Hassan Nasrallah when she sees him. I don’t believe it is only a sectarian thing (she being a Shiite et al) as he said. I have heard admiration and adoration for Nassrallah from ladies across the sects. Although I have to agree with the Prof that sectarian polarization has reached a critical point in Lebanon with no secular alternatives in the horizon. Secular parties have so far been a total fiasco, but that is another story.
This sentiment towards Nassrallah is shared by ladies around Lebanon who also have a thing for the Italians landing on the shores of the South.
Do we need social scientists to explain this phenomenon?



  1. Dr Victorino de la Vega · · Reply

    Haifa rules!

    In her own special way, she has shown guts and determination: Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (whose pro-Bush rulers are out to destroy Lebanon’s Pan-Arab parties be they secular or Shiite) are two of Haifa’s biggest markets: but the supposedly futile “belly dancers” has put her nation’s honor before her own material interests…

    A lesson in courage and morality the corrupt princes of Riyadh and Qoreytem need to meditate.

  2. I love Munich · · Reply

    I’m kind of trying to find words .. is Hassan Nassrallah now the new Paul McCartney of the 60’s?? Interesting .. well, Haifa Wehbe seems to have figured it out!!

    Everything Ok? Thinking of you guys …

  3. ya wayle 3ala hal kayle

  4. a h m a d · · Reply

    I personally gave up on understanding these things.

  5. Alah yetawel be3amra la tont haifa

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