Blog Round Up

This week’s roundup of Lebanese blogs for Global Voices Online:

The Lebanese blogosphere keeps growing day after day. Rampurple, who is a member of the Lebanese Blogger Forum and who maintains the Lebanese Aggregator in addition to her own blog states that the total number of Lebanese blogs in the aggregator have reached 287 so far. This makes the task of a round up of blogs even harder; nevertheless the following is a sampling of some of these blogs starting with the non political posts.
Maya@NYC and Ana Min Beirut are back with the male-female debate. Maya@NYC started the deliberation like this:

In the morning, the reflection in my bathroom mirror is just a façade. It
carries nothing in it. Just shapes, colors, forms. I am not there. I am in
someone’s mind, on someone’s thoughts, in someone’s heart. In someone’s eyes.
There are men that look you in the eyes. They look at you intensely and make
every effort to hear your laugh.

To which Ana Min Beirut replies:

For us men, that experience is much much less philosophical or existential if
you want. Of course we do look at the mirror to size up the shape of that ever
growing gut and we pat it in and out trying to make it disappear or we can just
turn half-way so that the angle is such that we see no gut. Of course we do
stand and flex those muscles and say to ourselves: “Damn, those muscles put that
Schwarzenegger dude to shame”.

Murphy’s laws may be well known but Ahmad mentions some lesser known dictums of Murphy:

Light travels faster than sound.
This is why some people appear bright until you hear them
He who laughs last, thinks slowest.
Those who live by the sword get
shot by those who don’t.
Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented

Perpetual Refugee is the Lebanese blogger who wrote about his experience while working in Israel. Perpetual Refugee stopped blogging for a while after the latest Israeli war against Lebanon. He returned to blogging this week with a post in which he says:



  1. Sophia · · Reply

    Hello Bashir,
    Warmest regards to you, your wife, big boy Hadi and little Awwad.
    I came across an appeal signed by the who,s sho of international Politicians and Nobel prize winners calling for an immediate end to the Israeli-Arab conflict around UN resolutions 242 and 338. The call is translated on my blog and was published in le Monde yesterday. Not much covergae from the English press up to now. The timing of the call is not innocent, the civil war in Gaza, the collapse of the unity government talks in Palestine, the looming war in Iran and more certainly Ms Rice’s cosmetic visit to the region.
    I want this call to have maximum covergae in the Lebanese and Arab blogosphere. Can you help ?

    Thanks for a very busy dad but an admirable blogger.


  2. Sophia · · Reply

    Moussa, I get your son’s name wrong. Sorry. It is Rawad and not Awwad as I wrote. Also I cannot erase duplicata from the comment section because I don’t have an account in Blogger beta. Sorry for all this.

  3. Bashir · · Reply

    Sophia: The duplicate is gone. No problem about the name. and part of the post with a link to the rest has been posted.

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