Lebanese Blogs Round Up

This week’s round up of blogs in the Lebanese blogosphere for the Global Voices Online:

Lebanon: Politics and the Finer Arts

The political turmoil in Lebanon seems to be taking its toll on the Lebanese blogosphere. Many posts reflect on the internal squabble going on. But we can still find some art, poetry and environmental concerns.

Starting with the fine art of caricature: Amal started a series of cartoons in which she draws Lebanese bloggers in addition to her cartoons on current events. Her latest was that of Jamal. Check out her depiction of other bloggers like jij, eve and hilal.

In the spirit of Ramadan, Jamal defines the meaning and job description of the “Msaharati”:

Read the rest here…


One comment

  1. Dr Victorino de la Vega · · Reply

    Hi MB,

    Great synthesis as usual.

    Also, thank you for highlighting Anar’s exceptionally incisive take on the issue of web censorship in Lebanon.

    You chose to highlight the following paragraph:

    “This is your Lebanon of web filters and thought control… of Saudi condemnation for HezbAllah’s “adventurism” and American shipping of “smart bombs” to strengthen democracy and freedom-loving forces led by Mr. Fuad Crocodile Tears Siniora and Ahmad Tea Serving Fatfat (interim interior minister). By the way, Ahmad Fatfat has a personal website, and has a section dedicated to “accomplishments”, and another to “political projects and principles“. Principles and accomplishments: Such as the killing of 11-year-old kids and serving tea to the Israeli occupiers.”

    And frankly, it says it all!

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