Julia Boutros Sings Nassrallah’s Words

The theme of Julia’s new video clip is Nassrallah’s reply to a letter sent by the fighters resisting the Israeli invasion last July.
The reply was transformed into lyrics by Ghassan Mattar.
Mattar, the composer (her brother), the director (a Boutros too) all belong to the secular trends in the Lebanese spectrum (sectrum) of “colors”.
They do not even belong to the same religion as Nassrallah. (Boutros = Peter)
Go figure it out…
Bravo Julia!

Watch the video clip here.

via Hilal

Julia Boutros Official Website



  1. Julia is to be respected, simply because she didn’t go for the bal-bla-bla-take-away “patriotic” songs. She was not afraid to declare her opinion whether we like it or not. This is not very familiar in art..

    Ps. The photo is a courtesy of her site:

  2. Moussa,
    This is powerful. I am listening to it for a second time while I am writing this.
    I must tell you something. Since I left Lebanon to live outside more than 25 years ago I cannot listen to Arabic and Lebanese music without breaking into tears. Nasrallah aside, Julia is making me cry.

    I will link to it on my blog.

  3. It’s been a while since we heard any song which makes sense and this makes a lot of sense.. And I’m glad that julia is back with a strong point to make. Thanks Julia, Ziad and Sophie..

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Very good song.

  5. I love Munich · · Reply

    It’s a beautiful song even though my lack of understanding Arabic doesn’t really help me here! I can read between the lines though … and what’s “written” there, is international language EVERYONE can “read” – IF he/she can read …
    Very impressive indeed – I like it a lot!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. It is a powerful song.

  7. notorious · · Reply

    this proves the diversity, julia is a comunist, christian, yet she suports nasralah, she wouldnt leave lebanon during the war, she even went to the streets, and was there in the demonstration infront of the un building in downtown beirut, now this song…

  8. Anonymous · · Reply

    Bravo Julia!

  9. Anonymous · · Reply

    This shows that ALL Lebanese come together when it comes to defending their country. Julia Boutros, a Maronite Christian, singing the words of the Shi’a Hassan Nasrallah, because they are both patriotic Lebanese. Lebanese nationalism always surpasses religious differences.

  10. Anonymous · · Reply

    “Lebanese nationalism always surpasses religious differences.”This has gotta be the most naive comment I’ve ever seen. The civil war and the mess we’re in now is all due to these differences, and groups like Hezbolla declaring pointless wars and ruining Leb don’t deserve to be praised in a song. Idiotic at best. Julia lives in Dubai; she should stay there and take the rest of these riffraff with her.

  11. Anonymous · · Reply

    julia is a very respectable lady, her fight against sectarianism, and the fact that she is a believer in this country says it all. i salute her.

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