Wanted: Moderate Flock?!

Bush, Rice and Olmert are recruiting moderate Arabs.
Bush, Rice and Olmert have recruited moderate Liberman.
Bush, Rice and Olmert are moderates and hang out with moderates only.
So chill man cuz only
Bird of moderate-feather
flock together.

Image: Laz



  1. Dr Victorino de la Vega · · Reply

    Bushmert is working real hard on the Karzayzation of Lebanon, with the help of mini-Hariri, Madam Siniora and other Israelophile sock-puppets.

    Truly “freedom” knows no boundaries…

    Praise be to Yahweh!


  2. notorious · · Reply


  3. notorious · · Reply

    remember in 1996, usa pissed of russia by fuckin with gorgia to get its independance, then rusia wanted to fuck back the usa but how, pissin of its lil spoiled baby israel, rusia gave orders to syria , syria passed em to hizbalah, hizbalah fucked wid israel, we got 3anakid el gadab and kana, sounds like wut hapened coupla months ago is kinda da same, u knaw u cant knaw who to believe anymore

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Liberman? Moderate? Puh-lease.

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