Pierre Gemayel

Tomorrow, 22 Nov, Lebanon should have celebrated Independence Day.
This will not happen.
Lebanon is not independent.
All three branches of the government are rusty and screwed up.

Today Minister Pierre Gemayel has been assassinated.

31 years ago, an attempted assassination on Pierre Gemayel, the grand father, sparked a civil war that lasted 15 years.
The fallout of that war continues till this day.

Yesterday I remembered Gebran Tueini. I disagreed with most of Gebran’s ideas, but I used to watch him and listen whenever he spoke.

He was like an antithesis, a catalyst instigating the thought process, causing the rethinking of ideas taken for granted.

Pierre Gemayel was starting to fill the gap that Gebran left. Now he is gone.

Who the fuck would want make Pierre a martyr?

Assassination is wrong. Today is another sad day on the road to destabilization.

We are walking a thin line. We expect tough times ahead.

May his mother’s heart, his family and children find peace some day.



  1. That’s really sad. How come the March 14th movement who has been warning of coming assassinations did not take the measures necessary to protect its politicians ?
    Moussa, I don’t thinlk a full blown civil war is threatening Lebanon. I think however that a low intensity civil war is already in motion made by assassinations, bombs, etc…The sort of events we have been witnessing in Lebanon for the last year…
    Lets say it is a civil war inside the political elite. However, despite its low casualties compared to a regular civil war, it may be even more damaging to the country.

  2. hussein · · Reply

    my aunt was murdered by amin’s forces during the 6 february uprising.
    amin and bashir both were elected president on tops of israeli tanks.
    this is high treason.
    never forget.

  3. moussa bashir · · Reply

    I share your opinion on the civil war bit and your question as to why security measures were not taken.

    I know what your are saying. I have relatives and loved ones who were hurt and killed too during those periods and later. But a traitor is brought to court and judged. Assassination is wrong and immoral to say the least. No matter what one’s political views and how much you oppose your opponent that does not give anyone the right to kill. And one can not judge the children for the sins of the parents.
    This assassination and others are causing damage to the whole of Lebanon and to all Lebanese.

  4. I am very sad and concerned for Lebanon right now. Last night my uncle insisted that the Lebanese would find a “middle way”, that they would step back from the brink. He said that hours before the assassination. I just hope he is right.

  5. notorious · · Reply

    bachir, after all the shit they have done… not just piere or kataeb, all of them, its just hard to feel for any of them and there families, they all done somethin wrong, if they havent killed they captured, if they didnt capture they threatened, if they didnt threatin they starved us, in one way or the other, i think u knaw exactly wut i mean

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