Statements: Impending Gloom

Franjieh’s statement that March 14 needed blood to mobilize their supporters to stand up to and stop the opposition (Hezbollah, FPM etc) from massively demonstrating and toppling the government is just too fantastic to believe. This is like a person committing suicide to see who will attend the funeral. March 14 leaders must be a group of lunatics to do that.

March 14th statement that the purpose of Pierre Gemayel’s murder is to stop the international tribunal is too absurd to believe. The resolution on the tribunal was passed unanimously with no debate as a result of the murder. This has happened before when resolutions were to be passed on Lebanon; resolutions that would have taken some discussions and maybe undergone some changes. The accused must be extremely dumb to keep repeating the same mistake of accelerating the international tribunal that will indict them.

The respect gained whenever leaders (Jumblat etc) state that they were mistaken for taking a certain path quickly vanishes when they decide to stay and lead to and through another righteous path that they just discovered. The people (poor etc) pay the price.

Olmert is worried. He is afraid; in fact he is praying that the latest assassination will not lead to the destabilization of the region. Olmert is man with a heart of gold after all.

I may just be too simplistic and idealistic in my analysis or maybe I am suffering from the syndrome of living in Beirut continuously for more than two decades.

I just heard that ex PM Salim Hoss’ home in Beirut was attacked by group of young men raising some party flag. They were repelled by the security guards.

Tomorrow Minister Gemayel will be laid to rest. Cars with loudspeakers are roaming the streets of Beirut calling for massive participation in the funeral.

May he rest in peace and may his killers suffer the consequencies.



  1. Ibrahamav · · Reply

    What do you think is the overall goal of these forces seeking to change the leadership of Lebanon?

  2. Moussa

    You know what I think ? I think that Aoun, Hoss and hezbollah supporters and all lebanese with no regard to their factions should go today to the funeral of Pierre gemayel and ask loud for the stopping of political assassinations.

  3. hey just take care of your head!!!When it was time for a political change in the region Hariri was killed,posible by different parties, we are facing another change coming soo just try not to be the target of that change…the USA have sold 14 march the are a posible target again for all parties!!!!!

  4. I just ask myself who profits from this (and the latest) assassination(s) in Lebanon …

  5. It’s Ja’ja’ and Joumblat with Rice and Chiraq who run the show and the rest are just (Frata).. they are all dispensable, anything for the american cause..

  6. Ibrahamav · · Reply

    America is not behind this. Syria is.

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    its not just a movie n we’r askin who did that !! none of any is an angel up here even the lebanese…as 4 me a lebanese i can never take the usa as a frnd standin with lebanon…4 every thng happenin here now goes 4 their own good theyr just rulin the whole world n no1 can say no….abt syria???..its got the big sukin part too ,for wen keno our ”frnds or neighborz”wa2et i guess bel 1987 or sort of wa2ta keno lebanese killin each other w syrian armies arrestin lebanese guys seekin ther freedom w catchin kell wa7ad 3endo a beard ”hahahh thats a communist” w men that time lebanon cant just heal usa isnt a frnd 2 our cuty dreamy government dreamin of the luxurious hug of the us ..neither syria is a frnd 4 it seeks its benefits too so just luk as lebanese about wut we want not wut otherz want.. its just a conspiracy a big fat 1 btwn all agnst lebanon n poor lebanese

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