Lebanon: Demonstrations, Demonstrations

A series of anti-government or opposition and pro-government protests and demonstrations are literally taking the country by storm. Lebanese bloggers are, as expected, expressing their positions, whether pro, con or independent through opinions, analysis, sarcasm, art, etc. The posts quoted here are, as usual, not all inclusive. All the other interesting blogs could not be mentioned for lack of space and time. As the events are accelerating in Lebanon, a lot more is expected from the bloggers, so be sure to check back for updates. Meanwhile here is a sample of posts from some blogs. It is left to you to decide where each blogger stands.

The demonstrations and the reactions to them inspired the following painting by Ibn Bint Jbeil.
He also wrote:

What do you see?
Fellow human beings?
or faceless crowds
that you can easily dismiss as wrong, irrelevant, peasants, misguided, unworthy,
untrustworthy, different, heretical, decadent, uncivilized?

Then there is this letter from Beirut from a friend of Pierre Tristam who will not partake in any demonstration:

No, I won’t take to the streets. Not now, not again. Not for this cause or the
other. Every time we take to the streets and for whatever reason, we’re
exploited for personal, not Lebanese, volitions. Today’s demonstration isn’t
different from yesterday’s. It’s led by the same willful warmongers. I don’t buy
that option “against corruption, etc.” Bullshit. I don’t believe in a National
Unity government. It never worked in the past and nothing has changed since.

The shortcomings of the leaders of the “Cedar’s Revolution” are the reasons behind the momentum of the anti-government protest according to Charles Malik in this lengthy analysis.

Sophia points out that there are lessons that the Lebanese can learn from Canada’s multiculturalism and also states that:

I have affirmed that the new divide in Lebanon, the economic divide brought upon
a traditionally prosperous country by the civil war and by the disastrous
management of the state by Hariri, is helping bridge the sectarian religious
and ethnic divide. March 14th is the movement of the rich and the few who
profited from the new economy while March 8th is the movement of the
disgruntled and the numerous left behind by the new economy.
I believe that March 14th deceived the Lebanese and lost the popular support and the
political capital it was sitting on since the assassination of Rafik Hariri
as much as Bush has deceived the Americans and lost the political capital it
was given by the American nation after 9/11.

The media was mocked by Bech at Remarkz for its bias and shortsightedness during the covering of the opposition’s protests :

shame on the media that does not understand that the people who are on the
streets are not there for “sectarian” reasons but because they’re fed up of a
government that is incompetent, corrupt, and dangerous.
Shame on the media
that twists information according to where the paycheck come from.
Shame on
the media that is itself sectarian, replicating the confessional discourse that,
we as Lebanese, are guilty of having supplied during the past decades.
on the media that replicates another demon the Lebanese have created in order to
stay divided the Syria-bashing Syndrome. Again us Lebanese are so guilty. We
have fed the media with our fears. And our fears are now traveling the world as
an biased account of the social reality.



  1. thanks for this round-up. Much needed overview and I appreciate it.

  2. ibnbintjbeil · · Reply

    very good historical record of the blog aspect of the current times.

    and thank you for including me.

  3. Moussa,

    Greetings from Cuba. Unidos Vinceramos.

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